This white paper is intended to serve as a primer on content marketing for companies that manufacture, market or sell building materials, products or services for residential and commercial construction. It will highlight how content marketing is a valuable tool for increasing sales – a tool every company, regardless of size, needs to leverage to remain competitive within the industry.

The following topics will be covered:

  • What is content marketing? – A high-level definition of the content marketing process, what it is and how it fits into the marketing mix.
  • Who uses content marketing? – Real world examples of how firms in the building sector have leveraged content marketing successfully.
  • Why does content marketing work? – We’ll look at the drivers of the success and return-on-investment achieved by building firms that have benefited from content marketing. What types of content worked best for them? How did they extract value from their content?
  • How can you get started with content marketing? – An overview of how building product brands can begin to adopt content marketing in their own sales process, including points to consider and pitfalls to avoid.

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