Greenbuild is fast approaching – it’s just a little more than a week away. If you’re headed to the Windy City, be sure to stop by and see what these companies are doing to not only produce quality home products, but do so in extremely environmentally-friendly ways – many cradle to cradle.
As eco-friendly, recyclable products and practices become more important – even mandatory in some cases – businesses in all industries are looking for ways to save the planet. Whether it’s through the use of recycling the water and elements used in a factory, printing materials with soy-based ink, or eliminating unnecessary parts – like Kimberly Clark did with its toilet paper tubes, we all now pay attention to our carbon footprint. The companies that participate in Greenbuild are dedicated to their environmental responsibilities and prove it via innovation.
Won’t make it to the show? Check back with K&A for a full re-cap of the news, trends and newest green products.

  • Columbia Forest Products (Booth #472) manufactures plywood panels for cabinetry, millwork and furniture. But this isn’t just any plywood…CFP’s own PureBond is an exclusive Formaldehyde-Free Hardwood Plywood, non-toxic and LEED-compliant.
  • The first cabinetry to be GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality certified, Dwyer Products (Booth #392) offers modular cabinetry for public, military and student housing, as well as acute care facilities. The company’s cabinetry is durable, yet stylish, and lasts the life of the building, eliminating landfill waste.
  • Expanko’s (Booth #1713) resilient cork flooring attributes its comfortable and quiet qualities to recycled cork and rubber. All raw materials are utilized in manufacturing, and cork comes from trees that may be harvested every 9-10 years, thus maximizing its natural benefits.
  • Gerber Plumbing Fixtures (Booth #2571) will be introducing its new North Point urinal collection, which utilizes the latest developments in water efficiency. This line joins an extensive collection of WaterSense certified, professional-grade products including high-efficiency toilets as well as low flow shower heads and faucets.
  • IceStone (Booth #1844) practices cradle-to-cradle sustainability, meaning every aspect of the company’s product and process is green. Moreover, these durable surfaces are made of 100 percent recycled glass and add beauty to any home or commercial setting.
  • Knauf Insulation’s (Booth #2229) EcoBatt insulation is the ultimate in sustainability. Created with bio-based materials, it reduces energy usage by up to 70 percent. This insulation contains no formaldehyde and is certified by GREENGUARD for being mold-resistant.
  • Practicing environmental responsibility in all aspects of the business, Nichiha Fiber Cement (Booth #2482) is an industry best for eco-friendly siding. The company’s factory even recycles its water, contributing to fully integrated green delivery.
  • As a manufacturer of heating and cooling products, Rheem (Booth #1501) has to be on top of its game when it comes to energy efficiency. Many of Rheem’s products boast the ENERGY STAR® label, meaning they contribute to conservation of energy use and cost-savings.
  • Uponor (Booth #1489) provides heating & cooling, plumbing and fire systems for home and commercial applications. Using reclaimed water tubing for greywater systems and pre-insulated tubing to meet energy-code requirements, Uponor is working to decrease energy use and increase savings.
  • Through innovative use of specialized solutions, Viance (Booth #992) treated wood is among the most durable and sustainable for indoor and outdoor use. Its Ecolife wood received National Green Building Certification from the NAHB Research Center.