We specialize in building products sales and marketing

At Kleber & Associates, we don’t try to be experts in every product category. We don’t work on running shoes one minute and disposable diapers the next. Instead, we focus exclusively on just one type of account—building products.

For over three decades, we’ve lived and breathed commercial and residential building products. We’ve come to know the architects, the builders and the contractors. We’ve talked endlessly with facilities managers, dealers and distributors. We’ve learned how to reach them and persuade them. And because we focus on just one industry, we know that industry’s gatekeepers and influencers. Its outlets and buyers.

We know how to generate demand and drive distribution. And perhaps most importantly, in residential, we understand what homeowners and homebuyers think, what they want to buy, and what they’ll be buying next. In commercial, we understand the needs of the architect, contractor, facilities manager, owner and tenant.

In other words, when it comes to building materials and building products, we don’t consider ourselves to be general practitioners of marketing and advertising. We’re specialists, pure and simple. That’s why we’re the best at what we do.


We believe strategic planning is at the heart of any successful marketing campaign. At K&A, we study both consumer and B-to-B audiences to better understand trends and motivations. We constantly engage with new media and blogs, looking for innovative ways to enhance our clients’ relationships with industry influencers. Let us show you how to better position your products, engage audiences and reach potential customers.
In this day of blogs, Wikipedia, Twitter and other consumer-generated sites, it is essential to start conversations early. You need to build solid relationships with influencers who impact the buying and selling process from the earliest stages. With this goal in mind, K&A has developed the first nationwide Blogger Network focused exclusively on home and building products. Each blogger in our network—over 500 participants—have been thoroughly vetted and their audiences verified. Let us put them to work for you.
K&A’s creative team is comprised of energetic, imaginative people who aren’t afraid to take risks. We take the time and energy to hone our craft and develop creative messages that both engage audiences and drive purchase behavior. From design to copywriting to everything in between, we create memorable work that is strategically sound and connects on an emotional level—with stunning results.
We believe Public Relations goes beyond placing products and services in a publication or online news source. Successful PR efforts are built on relationships, and at K&A, we’ve developed solid relationships with top media professionals, reporters and bloggers. They call us as often as we call them, to talk about hot products, industry trends and news.
We’re regular participants at more than 10 regional and national tradeshows each year, including the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, Greenbuild, NeoCon, the Remodeling Show, International Builders Show, Hospitality Design Show, Pacific Coast Builders Conference and the Southern Building Conference. Our years of experience marketing home and building products have taught us what motivates and attracts audiences within the industry. Let K&A work with you to develop impactful and engaging trade show materials, as well as pre-show marketing, media outreach, one-on-one media appointments and post-show follow-ups.
At K&A, we know what it takes to engage audiences and get people talking. To begin building your brand from the grassroots up, we believe it is essential to combine online outreach—bloggers, web videos and user-generated content—with traditional marketing initiatives like media relations, collateral and print advertising. In our experience, an effective mix of paid and unpaid media is the best approach for ensuring success.
It’s a proven fact that new products can’t be launched today without input from consumers and influencers. Hosting and sponsoring events is one way to bring your brand to life. Throughout our agency’s history, K&A has staged intimate and large-scale events that attract media attention, build credibility and create buzz.
Each year, the K&A team travels to meet face to face with key media targets. These are unique, value-added opportunities that help us maintain existing contacts and build new relationships with major editors and editorial groups. We put our clients in front of the editors that matter—and make sure the resulting publicity meets business objectives.

Steve Kleber

President and Founder

Steve is a passionate force within the agency. He has a deep understanding of the home and building industry, and brings valuable insights on current trends and how they relate to consumers, architects, distributors, builders, remodelers, designers and manufacturers. Steve’s past presentations and white papers include an exploration of Small Spaces, Social Media and Search as it relates to ROI… and consumer trends in relation to specific demographic groups.

He is president of the National Remodeling Foundation, board member of the National Association of Home Builders Global Opportunities Board. He was also the immediate past president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Center for Kitchen and Bath Education and Research.

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