With a few simple tweaks to your current marketing strategy, your business can have a coming out party and claim these high-dollar holidays as your own.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest holiday shopping events of the year — a brilliant marketing strategy that allows brick-and-mortar and online businesses to rake in millions each year.

Now, it’s time for your building products business to get in on the action. Here’s how to make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday ROI go through the roof.

What shoppers are looking for and why

In a word, the typical Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers are looking for deals. Yes, some just want the inside track on the latest products. But most are looking to do more with fewer resources.

That’s why you need to be ready to show them how generous you can be. After all, if you make unbelievable offers during the holiday period, shoppers who land those deals will be more likely to come back when prices return to normal after the holidays.

Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy

To give your building materials business the best chance for a big splash on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Recognize special shoppers. That means offering unique and exclusive deals for first-time building materials shoppers or top building products customers. Think physical coupons for Black Friday and discount codes for Cyber Monday.
  2. Tell a story on social. Create the comprehensive buying experience by telling your story on social media. Make the customer a part of your brand. Give them the feels and they’ll open their wallets.
  3. Never abandon the sale. Remind customers what they looked at and give them an opportunity to complete their purchase. For Black Friday, a personal phone call from your sales team. For Cyber Monday, think email reminders about abandoned carts.
  4. Make product searches easier. Consider adding tablets to your showroom that customers can use to find that just-right product. On the Web, situate a search engine box prominently on your page.
  5. Push the magic of gift cards. Most building products businesses that play the gift card game come out way ahead. Consider e-gift cards on your website.

Preparation is the name of the game

Perhaps the biggest takeaway of playing the Black Friday and Cyber Monday game is to get your building products and materials business ready to roll.

A good rule of thumb is to create your strategy in August, complete test roll outs in September, and launch publicity and marketing messaging in October.

This three-month build-up will allow you to focus the bulk of your efforts on your top products and marketing channels.

Kleber & Associates is your one-stop resource for awesome Black Friday marketing tactics. Contact us today for a personal presentation of how we can help your building products business dominate on this gigantic shopping holiday — saving your business both time and money in the process.

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