OAKLAND, Calif. – Feb. 17, 2020 Feeney, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and aluminum railing systems, has unveiled Stainless Steel Picket Kits for CableRail in wood frames. Leveraging the sleek appearance and durability of stainless steel, the picket kits preserve an open railing aesthetic while maintaining cable spacing and minimizing deflection.

“We are continually looking for ways to simplify the railing purchase and installation process,” said Brad Adsit, director of product development for Feeney. “Our Stainless Steel Picket Kits offer the convenience of a pre-packaged solution while providing additional cable support between main posts and a more open look than is possible with other picket options.”

Available in three configurations (36” Level, 42” Level and Universal Stair), the Stainless Steel Picket Kits include everything needed to quickly and cleanly install intermediate pickets for Feeney CableRail systems, including sockets/sleeves, shoulder nuts, hanger bolts and screws.

The 5/8” diameter 316 stainless steel tubes in each kit come pre-drilled for 1/8” diameter cable at three-inch spacing. The tubes can be used on frames with or without a bottom rail, are field-trimmable (using a stainless steel pipe cutter) and have no visible fasteners for a clean, unobtrusive look. Available accessories include a fascia mount kit, stainless steel tubing cutter and a deburring tool for cleaner cuts.

For more information about Feeney, visit the company’s website at www.feeneyinc.com.