Last week, the Kleber team participated at FENCETECH, the premier annual trade event for manufacturers and suppliers to the fence, gate, perimeter security and metal working industries.

This year’s event was held in Nashville, and the atmosphere was professional and focused, reflecting the industry’s ongoing commitment to innovation. While there were many innovative products on display, the most interesting were those that were designed to solve specific problems.

One of those issues was pool safety.

Pool safety is a critical issue, especially in safeguarding children. Ensuring pools are inaccessible without supervision is a key concern for homeowners. Additionally – from a code compliance perspective – maintaining pool safety is often a necessary requirement.

That’s why homeowners look for fences and gates that restrict access… so children can’t get into the pool area without supervision.

Traditional approaches like simple gates and fences – while essential – have their limitations. Gates can be inadvertently left open. Or may fail to latch correctly. Such scenarios pose a hidden danger… as homeowners might remain unaware of the unsecured access to their pools. This gap in safety measures highlights the need for more sophisticated solutions.

A Leap in Innovation: Staying Alert with Advanced Technology

The highlight of FENCETECH was a groundbreaking product that addresses these concerns by keeping homeowners informed about the accessibility of their pools. This innovative solution leverages technology to alert homeowners if their pool area is accessed… offering an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

In our view, the Best in Show at FENCETECH was the Trident™ Safe Signal™ Magnetic Pool Latch from Nationwide Industries®.

This advanced latch is a game-changer in pool safety, and it addresses specifically the critical moments that follow when a pool gate’s left unsecured. It’s equipped with an audible alarm  –  and visually striking blue LED lights  –  that activate if a gate stays unlatched for more than 15 seconds. This feature is pivotal for ensuring safety in low-light conditions. And is especially crucial in preventing unintended access to pools by young children.

The Trident Safe Signal Magnetic Latch is not only highly effective… but also user-friendly. It’s designed for easy installation on various gate types  –  making it versatile for diverse environments  –  from private homes to public pools. In addition to its debut at FENCETECH in Nashville, the Trident Safe Signal Magnetic Latch will also be showcased at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas later this month.

Safety is a key concern for every homeowner, especially parents of young children. Innovative products like the Trident Safe Signal Magnetic Latch help to provide peace of mind because they can be sure no one gets into the pool unsupervised. That’s why it’s our Best in Show for FENCETECH.

This year’s FENCETECH was an enlightening tour of the modern fencing industry, and our team was inspired by the creativity, innovation and passion displayed. We look forward to seeing all of our industry friends and channel influencers next month at IBS/KBIS in Las Vegas.