Grip-Rite announces the launch of its ProWrap™ system, offering builders a comprehensive
solution for creating tight, efficient, and breathable building envelope wall ProTection. 

The ProWrap line includes three high-performance products:

Grip-Rite ProWrap SA

A self-adhering house wrap, rated for both residential and commercial applications.
It stands out in the market for its high breathability, labor-saving application, and economical cost for a premium product.

Grip-Rite ProWrap Butyl Flashing Tapes

Available in standard and Flex versions, these butyl-adhesion flashing tapes are perfect for straight lines and curved surfaces. They meet stringent industry standards, resist strong winds, reduce drafts and water leaks, and remain flexible at low temperatures.

Alex Barrego, Senior Product Manager at Grip-Rite, highlights the system approach of these products, “We are bringing to market a weatherproofing system that includes all three products. They are designed to work together, providing a solution for builders and dealers. With our industry-exceeding warranty, we’re offering a complete, reliable package.”

The ProWrap line is distinguished by its high permeability, making it more breathable than other brands, thus protecting the lifetime of homes. The time-saving “peel-and-stick” installation is a significant advantage, to help overcome the labor shortages in construction.

Barrego adds, “Grip-Rite has a complete offering that builders can trust. This whole-home solution means builders will want to partner with us, getting all the products they need to build efficient and comfortable homes.”

The new offering is also designed to make sales and merchandising easier for dealers. “The ProWrap line includes the retail-ready packaging, sales samples, and merchandising solutions dealers have come to expect from Grip-Rite,” said Barrego.

The products, designed to complement each other, meet the requirements of large builders and window manufacturers, particularly in the use of butyl wrap and flashing. Offering a 15-year warranty when all three products are used together,
Grip-Rite ensures long-term reliability and performance.

Aligning with the construction industry’s shift towards sustainability, ProWrap’s design is a valuable tool for builders focused on environmental responsibility. ProWrap is just the latest innovation to join Grip-Rite’s growing offering of building envelope solutions, which includes Grip-Rite ShingleLayment-HT™ and an array of housewrap, flashing and other roofing underlayment options.

The ProWrap products will be unveiled at the International Builders Show, February 27-29 in Las Vegas, and will be available for order in March 2024. 

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