Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Marketing Home Products to Eco-Chic Homeowners

Recently, our culture has experienced a phenomenon that is unlikely to fade: environmental conscientiousness. With continuous mass media coverage, presidential political campaigns, the introduction of hybrid SUVs and new certifications for “green” buildings and materials, many people are now finding ways to live eco-friendly lifestyles.
Many companies are taking note of this new attitude and adopting it into their manufacturing processes and existing product lines.

The love of living things
Biophilia, literally the “love of living things,” is the perfect way to describe our eco-trend.

  • Bamboo – In the housing industry, one of the first “green” trends that significantly created industry buzz was bamboo hardwood flooring. Bamboo gained an eco-friendly reputation because the grass is a highly renewable source which matures quickly. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) also offers LEED points for the use of bamboo in flooring.
  • Reclaimed Wood Flooring – Companies like Mountain Lumber collect wood from dilapidated bridges, mills, warehouses and buildings.  The reused timber provides added advantages of durability, hardness, density and stability as seen in traditional hardwood floors.
  • Wooden Countertop Surfaces – Bringing the outdoors into the home is the biggest trend in keeping your home green. Countertop manufacturers such as Craft-Art Wood Countertops incorporate various species of wood like bamboo and antique heart pine to create a lasting surface for the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home.
  • Preserving Water Supply – Faucet manufacturers are finding ways to conserve water while still creating stunning showerheads and faucets designed to resemble nature.  Examples like these can be seen in premium product lines, such as KWC America’s with its introduction of the HANSAMOTION bathroom faucet which creates a braided stream of water flowing like a river into the sink below.
  • Green Plumbing – In addition to water conservation efforts, many plumbing manufacturers have introduced high-efficiency toilets.  Gerber Plumbing Fixtures line of Ultra-low dual flush toilets use as little as one gallon of water per flush.  Other revolutionary companies are introducing residential grey water systems that will treat and recycle waste water from showers, toilets, sinks and laundry facilities to be re-used in the home or for lawn maintenance.

Green is the future of the housing industry
As the building industry evolves further into the green realm, many of these product lines will no longer be perceived as trends, but rather be staples in the housing industry.  Environmentally-sound consumers are a mainstay, and the housing industry is adjusting and growing with the demand making products that are not only efficient, but that look great.
What is your company doing to help the environment?