Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Pinterest for Businesses

The decision to activate a Pinterest account is on the minds of many, especially in the business world. We already know that Pinterest has more than 12 million users and 1,000 visitors a minute. With statistics like these, it’s hard not to agree that businesses should get on Pinterest. Furthermore, there is a list of 13 verticals that can leverage a brand on Pinterest, and two of them are in the home and building industry: Interior design & Home improvement/DIY accessories. The next step then, is deciding how to best utilize Pinterest for your brand.
One important rule for businesses to remember is to embrace Pinterest etiquette: Sell your culture and people, not just your products. Getting creative on the virtual pinboard is the goal. You can share photos of your business art gallery, employee of the month, outside company events, conference photos, etc. Think beyond your product line and share the culture.
One important way for companies to let clients and prospects know about its presence on Pinterest is to add a Pinterest button to its websites.When you add a Pin It button, you encourage your customers and visitors to pin your products and photos.
Pinterest is way to connect with others on a more personal level, and brands can use this to their advantage. People share interests, passions, dreams and sense of humor in a more natural way on Pinterest than on other social media platforms. Therefore, a company can use Pinterest to gain insights about its target consumers bylooking at the pinners who follow their brand, what these people are pinning and who else these people are following.
Pins and boards may be used as opportunities to converse with users on Pinterest, as welcoming and encouraging comments builds brand engagement.

Popular pins on Pinterest have three things going for them: likes, comments and repins. A way to get users to leave a comment is by asking a question or asking them to tell you what they think of your new products line, etc.

Brands can use keywords and hashtags in their pins to generate the likelihood of receiving more views. When creating a description for a new pin, you can optimize the pin by adding keywordsthat users may be more likely to use if they’re searching for specific content on Pinterest. Adding #home, #decorative, #remodel, #DIY, etc., would be smart for a home and building brand. Companies can also add specific website links into their descriptions to bring users to a certain page. Lastly, adding your website link on your Pinterest profile assures people will find you online.
An example of a home and building company active on Pinterest is Masonite Doors. Because the brand is a door manufacturer, boards are created that reflect the company culture. Boards include Famous Doors of the World, Quotes & Sayings, Cool Door Culture, Gateway to your Outdoor Retreat,  Craftsman, Contemporary and French Beauty.