We helped a ceramic coated steel manufacturer reach a global audience

In 2022, Polyvision Corporation, a global leader in innovation and the manufacturer of CeramicSteel, collaborative writing products and architectural panels for interior and exterior cladding, appointed Kleber & Associates to develop and implement an integrated PR and content marketing program to grow awareness of the company’s offerings. The globally-known brand was seeking to expand its position as an innovator – and as a thought leader – through highly differentiated architectural solutions.

K&A leveraged a unique audience targeting campaign, combining the strategic use of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media in a series of multi-faceted international, national and regional communications programs developed to support the brand’s objectives.

Reimagining the wall

From the start, Polyvision and K&A developed a series of Key Objectives to guide all marketing communication from 2022 through 2023:

    • Accelerate brand awareness for Polyvision
    • Establish a unique brand identity and brand independence
    • Drive product value among multiple target audiences
    • Increase Polyvision’s influence and visibility within the industry and among key stakeholders, including the investment community


Polyvision is a highly regarded source for architectural cladding and communication surfaces. In order to meet our key objectives, both Polyvision and K&A would have to reimagine the wall.

More Than Features and Benefits

Polyvision is more than a supplier and manufacturer. They’re problem solvers and partners – they’re a collaborative source for products, ideas and solutions. Immediately, K&A set out to position the brand beyond features and benefits to better inspire personal and emotional connections between Polyvision and its customers. To help us understand that dynamic, we developed six buyer personas to represent the audiences we were targeting: architect, designer, dealer, fabricator, facility manager and specifier. Using a deep study of those buyer personas, we focused on user experiences through all of our marketing communication. That level of planning allowed us to highlight compelling brand differentiators important to each audience.

From that strong foundation, we implemented a customized PR program that targeted relevant media outlets and established Polyvision’s unique voice as a market leader.

“K&A helped grow our presence in the marketplace and by working with them, we were able to measure the effectiveness of our Public Relations investment continually. This was especially important, as we sought to consolidate our market share both domestically and globally.”

Kim Allen, Director, Global Product and Marketing


Keeping a Local Touch in the Global Reach

Polyvision is unique in that it’s a global company that feels intimately local. K&A had the challenge of developing and implementing a marketing communications program that would work as well in Atlanta as it did in Sweden or Singapore.

Over the course of our program we sought to position Polyvision as a thought leader by developing bylined state of industry and trend articles on behalf of key executives. We secured executive interviews and profiles in magazines. We identified speaking opportunities for Polyvision subject matter experts at trade shows, industry roundtables and media events.

K&A increased Polyvision’s visibility and influence, and we built brand awareness through a campaign of directed press releases for company announcements, new hires and promotions as well as corporate initiatives. We created and submitted project profiles and product spotlights for relevant publications and media outlets. We recommended participation in strategic industry events and provided media outreach and support at events.


Trade Show Results

In 2022, K&A expanded trade show activities to incorporate one-on-one media interviews, product launch events, panel discussions and keynotes for executives. Additionally, we arranged for 10 meetings with industry editors at NeoCon, resulting in notable media coverage from such outlets as: Archiproducts, Business of Furniture, Monday Morning Quarterback, Officing and Walls & Ceilings, among others. We also participated in a Chicago media tour on behalf of Polyvision, meeting with editors from Scranton Gillette Horizon and SOLA publishing. As a result of those national, international and regional media outreach efforts, Polyvision secured 69 pieces of editorial coverage representing more than 40 million impressions.

Utilizing Owned Media

K&A developed 15 blog posts on topics that included Healthcare Design Trends, Sustainable Manufacturing, Indoor Air Quality, Easy to Clean & Sanitize Spaces, Biophilic Design, Commercial Design Trends for 2023, The Importance of Accessibility in Commercial Design, The Impact of Technology on Commercial Design, Leveraging Branding in Commercial Interiors and Why Ergonomics Matters in Workplace Design and Collaborative Spaces. We created content for six quarterly eNewsletters – along with layouts – and provided social media content for every month through June of 2023.

K&A wrote content for the new website, including copy for four industry verticals, and updated the services pages along with standardizing all of the executive bios.

In addition, we contributed to a case study on the The Sir Horace Kadoorie Hospitality and Mentoring Programme, a project in Shanghai for disadvantaged youth. K&A also developed and delivered a project profile on the Musiktunneln, a pedestrian tunnel in suburban Stockholm. And finally, K&A contributed to a case study and project profile on the High Point School in Ann Arbor.

“Through results-driven integrated content marketing and PR programs, Kleber & Associates effectively targeted, and engaged, key influencers and decision-makers to keep the Carlisle brand top of mind. K&A created a core message to guide the audience experience, extended that messaging into multiple media channels, and then creatively mixed their content delivery to successfully move Carlisle’s audiences from one touchpoint to another – helping to grow brand awareness and affinity.”

Chris Sy, President, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors