LP WeatherBest

Live Life Inside Out

When Louisiana-Pacific came to K&A with their WeatherBest line of composite decking and deck railings, we realized they had a lot more to offer than just a new type of building material. Thanks to WeatherBest’s amazing durability and  visually stunning range of finishes, homeowners could now build a long-lasting outdoor deck with all the comforts and innovative design options of an interior room.


We were well aware of a significant design trend toward outdoor living spaces—we’d even written a white paper on the subject. So we quickly developed creative work that leveraged that trend. Using the theme “Live Life Inside Out,” our advertising featured homeowners who enjoyed inside and outside living spaces equally.

K&A’s marketing and PR efforts led to WeatherBest product placements on The Food Network, Fine Living, HGTV, the DIY Network and Bob Vila’s “Home Again.”