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GLASSBUILD: September 12-14, 2011
Georgia World Congress Center: Atlanta
The National Glass Association’s annual event, GlassBuild America, hit Atlanta this year with a show full of innovation, energy savings and pops of color.

Innovation & Energy Efficiency
Guardian Glass introduced a new coating system for its residential windows in which three layers of silver are used to coat the glass. The coating helps significantly improve energy efficiency.
Trulite is on its way to becoming a one-stop shop for its customers. As glass panels aren’t just for shower enclosures, Trulite offers glass and aluminum solutions including curtain walls, patterned glass, entrance doors and sliding wall systems for commercial applications.
– Sage Electrochromics showed off its brilliant window tinting system, which can electronically adjust the tint of windows according to preference and weather, all while saving energy and eliminating the need for screens, blinds or draperies.

– On Guardian Glass’ commercial side, colors abound in various applications for glass panels and furniture.
IGE Solutions print any design, image or pattern directly onto glass in its turnkey facility.
– General Glass International displayed its decorative glass options, which include silkscreening, lamination, painted and etched glass.

“We are in the worst economic market maybe of my lifetime … [but] there is more change and innovation going on today than there ever has been in the history of the planet.” – David Petratis, Quanex Building Products President and CEO on the GlassBuild show floor