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Why Your Brand is Your Promise

You know the story. When two or more businesspeople care about each other and want to work together…they start a company. When it comes to naming it, there can be some discrepancy, but eventually a name is decided upon. Then comes the logo and a tagline. Then a customer base. And as the business grows, it develops more than a name…it develops a brand.

It’s true for us in the home and building channel: Our brand is our promise. It’s our personality and reputation. It’s how we do business and how we come across on the phone, online or in a conference room. It’s even how our employees behave out of the office.

Your logo, employees, activities, press releases, Web site copy, tagline and tweets are all parts of your company’s personality that should convey a consistent message.

Remember that it’s not just about posting a mission statement all over the place. Mission statements are great, but should serve as words to live by in order for their messages to receive merit.

A great way to start? Introduce employees to the company handbook from the get-go to give them a clear understanding of the company culture. From there, everything and everyone should promote the company with these set values and goals in mind.
It’s not an easy task, but if your organization’s members perform and communicate in ways that are aligned with your brand promise, customers will notice that consistent personality. You have the opportunity to be labeled in a good way: reliable, genuine and true.

What does your company stand for, and how are its messages carried out? Share your thoughts here, or tweet me @stevekleber.