Traditional advertising for the past several decades has focused the majority of its energy on the power of women as “the chief purchasing officer” of the home. As traditional roles change, however, more men are working from home, going shopping and spending time in the kitchen than ever before. Yet, this powerful marketing demographic has been virtually ignored by home and building product marketers.


Download this free white paper to explore the effectiveness of past and present ads geared toward men, to help you even better engage, capture and retain this valuable audience segment.


What you’ll learn:

  • How past and current ads campaigns have treated men… especially fathers, in the home
  • The buying power and purchasing habits of men in the marketplace
  • Innovative ways building product marketers are reaching out to men
  • Marketing profiles of the modern male consumer —  and how to reach them more effectively
  • How to increase your bottom line by listening to the needs of traditionally overlooked consumer groups

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