Social Media 2020

In the wake of uncertain markets, global pandemics and social distancing, social media and its various interactive marketing platforms are more important than ever. In fact, brand managers across the country are looking for better ways to help them develop new abilities to scale across multiple social networks and determine the most effective strategies for engaging fans and driving leads. They want to know how to determine return-on-investment for their important stakeholders, as well as, the ideal mix to target search activity while leveraging content relevancy.

Now, more than ever, your blog, Facebook page and Twitter accounts are all now among the most vital members of your marketing team. And as such, they deserve more than mere recognition. Rather, they need nurturing and evaluation platforms that will rival even the most well-equipped human resources department. So, how should you best leverage the next phase of activity in your brand’s social media presence? This white paper highlights the 10 most important questions you must be able to answer regarding your social media evaluation process. If your business isn’t active on social media or you haven’t evaluated your social media outreach in a while, this advice will serve as convenient baseline for further consideration. In these changing times, it’s more important than ever for building product companies to be able to offer value, even from a distance.

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Social Media 2020


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