Women continue to break glass ceilings, and the building industry is no exception. Nearly 10% of the building trade workforce is female, and that number is on the rise. The 2008 economic recession sent shockwaves through the building industry, stalling new construction across the country and leaving many workers unemployed. In its aftermath, a shortage of skilled labor developed. Even though the market and the industry are performing well today, the scarcity of qualified workers remains. Women are increasingly filling this gap by working in various roles throughout the industry. On the job site, many women work as builders, welders, code enforcement, and installers. Additionally, there are more female engineers, architects, and other STEM-related building industry experts than ever before. 

Want to learn more about how women are making strides in the building industry? Click here to read Women’s Growing Influence in the Building Trades written by Steve Kleber.

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