K&A Case Study: Differentiating a Brand

Gerber LogoAt Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, business had been flowing for 75 years. Then the economic downturn put the entire industry into disarray. Gerber found themselves lumped into a crowded field of Tier 2 plumbing manufacturers. To many distributors, all plumbing fixtures looked the same.

What can you do to stand out?

That’s when the Kleber team was brought in to rebrand Gerber. The company had recently experienced a renaissance in styling and engineering, globalizing manufacturing and introducing over 800 new products. Now their brand needed a transformation as well.

We started by analyzing customer perceptions of Gerber products, as well as the company’s relationship with plumbers, wholesalers and influencers. Then we redesigned their logo and created a memorable, engaging advertising campaign.

GerberSpread#1forwebA new brand makeover

As brand awareness improved, so did Gerber’s sales. The company became known for product performance and style, and for its great margins and trade exclusivity.

This led to even better results. Wholesalers who promoted Gerber as their largest product line jumped 48 percent, brand preference for Gerber toilets increased 30 percent, and preference for Gerber faucets increased 20 percent.

GerberSpread#2forwebUnclogging the sales pipeline

Gerber not only became the Tier 2 industry leader, they increased market penetration, making deep inroads into Tier 1 territory.



Brand campaign

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