K&A Case Study: Repositioning a Brand

MrSteamWeb1forwebBack in 2007, the luxury market was booming. McMansions and second homes seemed to be springing up everywhere, and Mr. Steam luxury spas couldn’t fill orders fast enough. Then everything changed.

The economy collapsed

Mr. Steam was one of the world’s leading producers of luxury spas, saunas and steam showers. But with the economic downturn, upscale sauna sales quickly cooled off. The luxury market wasn’t the same anymore. That’s when K&A was brought in to nurse Mr. Steam back to life.

Our innovative approach was to ease one of the world’s leading luxury brands out of the luxury market altogether, repositioning Mr. Steam to appeal to a new and growing market segment—health and wellness.

Introducing Steamtherapy

MrSteamPOPforwebWe shifted Mr. Steam’s marketing efforts to focus on holistic healing, total wellness and hydration, coining the term “Steamtherapy” in the process. Their target audience evolved from soccer moms to yoga moms and kharma queens.

The impact was immediate—within months, Mr. Steam was showing record earnings over the previous year’s sales.

Understanding consumer trends

Mr. Steam is an example of how shifts in trends and consumer attitudes can quickly derail success, even in 50-year-old established brand. That’s why at K&A, we work tirelessly to stay on top of consumer trends, helping clients understand the constantly changing marketplace.







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