As we enter Q2,  influencer marketing continues to grow –  as a pivotal tool for business – especially the building products channel. Audiences are transitioning away from influencers solely rooted in blogging… and engaging more frequently with diverse “thought leaders” across a variety of shifting platforms.

The New Face of Influencer Marketing

While blogs still hold relevance, they are now just one guiding light which shines on the influencer marketing horizon. Today, influencers wield influence on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, video streaming sites and yes, even podcasts. The best of these influencers engage audiences on multiple platforms. And most importantly, they bring much of their following with them when they pivot to new destinations.

While keeping up with the evolution of influencer marketing can seem like a never-ending challenge, mastering the fundamentals relies on a limited number of “best practices”. The following tips will serve as a guide today. And will continue to be useful… as influencer marketing evolves in the future.

Best Practices for Contemporary Influencer Marketing

Platform Diversity Recognize that audiences consume content across various platforms. Instead of solely focusing on bloggers – diversify an influencer portfolio to include individuals with significant followings on various platforms – Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and even on review sites such as Amazon. This approach ensures that every building product brand reaches audiences where they are most engaged. Enhancing visibility. And creating resonance.

Visual Storytelling on Social Media Embrace the power of visual storytelling on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Collaborate with influencers who excel in creating visually captivating content that showcases builder products in action. From stunning imagery – to compelling short videos – position influencer marketing on these platforms to spark interest. And drive engagement.

Educational Content on YouTube and LinkedIn Leverage influencers on YouTube and LinkedIn to deliver educational content… tailored particularly to professionals in building materials marketing. Partner with influencers who have credentials in construction and architecture/design to create informative tutorial videos. Even subject matter expertise. These platforms offer opportunities to demonstrate unique product features and benefits. As well as to share best practices – and establish a brand as a trusted resource – when it comes to installed building products.

Podcast Partnerships for Thought Leadership Tap into the growing popularity of podcasts by collaborating with influential hosts in the building products space. Sponsorship (and guest appearances) on industry-relevant podcasts enable a brand to reach engaged audiences in a conversational and intimate format. Create “authority” upon these partnerships by sharing insights. Discussing industry trends. And positioning brands as leaders in the channel.

Engagement Strategies on Emerging Platforms Stay ahead of the curve by exploring opportunities on emerging platforms and technologies. From virtual reality experiences – to live streaming platforms – consider innovative ways to engage audiences and showcase building product solutions. Partner with influencers who are early adopters of these platforms… to create immersive and interactive brand experiences.

Data-Driven Decision Making Across Platforms Utilize data analytics to better inform influencer marketing strategies across diverse platforms. It’s our team’s widely held belief, “if it’s not measured… it didn’t happen.” Track key performance indicators such as engagement rates, click-throughs and audience demographics to assess the effectiveness of influencer collaborations. Analyze platform-specific insights to refine approaches. And to optimize campaign outcomes.

Long-Term Relationships Across Platforms Foster long-term relationships with influencers across multiple platforms to drive sustained impact and brand loyalty. Invest in nurturing partnerships based on shared values. Mutual respect. And a commitment to delivering value to audiences. By cultivating ongoing collaborations, it’s possible to leverage influencers’ diverse platforms – to amplify brand promises – and to grow engagement.

Managing Expectations for Compensation In this changing landscape of influencer marketing, it’s essential to frame expectations regarding compensation. Influencers often expect payment for their services… reflecting the time, effort and expertise they have invested in building equity for their audiences. While some influencers may be open to alternative forms of compensation – product integrations and creative partnerships – it’s crucial for brand marketers to understand and anticipate budgets that ensure fair and mutually beneficial collaborations.

It’s clear that the evolution of influencer marketing in the building products industry reflects a broader shift toward platform diversity and audience engagement.

By embracing influencers with audiences across a range of platforms… brands can expand their reach. To better drive engagement. And foster more meaningful connections with audiences.

To help make it easier to navigate this growing channel, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on “all things influencer” that’s available for download hereInfluencing the Influencers will take you through the comprehensive process of how to set up and gain traction with successful influencer campaigns. That deliver measurable results.

If you’d like to explore the potential that awaits in influencer marketing, we’re here to help. Send an email to Steve at to get the conversation started.