K&A Case Study: Leveraging Consumer Trends

AnsoPOPforwebHoneywell’s Anso® Nylon brand carpet fiber was a major supplier to carpet mills, but faced stiff competition from other manufacturers, including DuPont, Invista, and Solutia. But competition wasn’t Anso’s only problem—carpeting was beginning to lose market share to hardwoods and other flooring options.

Home makeover TV programs such as Trading Spaces were gaining in popularity, and encouraging consumers to view paint as the catalyst for design. While carpeting had traditionally been the first step in choosing a color palette, paint was being portrayed as a less expensive alternative.

How could Anso reverse this trend?

The answer was right under our feet

AnsoPostcard1forwebK&A positioned Anso as an inspirational element for home decoration, and built a new trade advertising campaign around the theme, “Carpet: The Foundation of Great Design.”

At the same time, Anso introduced a new product palette featuring bolder colors, more closely aligning with the latest consumer trends.

The power of consumer trends

In the case of Anso Nylon, the Kleber team recognized changes in consumer AnsoPostcard3forwebpreferences and adjusted our marketing efforts to leverage the latest trends. By rebranding Anso as a home makeover design element, we were able to take advantage of the trend’s popularity, boosting sales in the process.

The result? Honeywell Anso Nylon experienced a 10 percent sales increase. Traffic to the Anso website more than doubled, increasing an incredible 119 percent. Even more impressive, requests for the Anso design brochure saw a six-fold increase over their monthly average.


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