When it comes to digital marketing for builder products… staying ahead of trends is crucial for success. With the dawn of a new year, comes the opportunity to explore new, proven strategies to streamline effectiveness and boost results. Consider these 10 trends — that are poised to shape the way we approach digital marketing — in the coming year.

AI-Powered Everything
Artificial Intelligence will play a pivotal role in delivering personalized experiences to prospects and customer audiences. From personalized product recommendations to tailored content journeys, AI algorithms will analyze user-behavior and preferences to provide a more individualized and relevant experience… enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

Last year’s rapid emergence of AI — coupled with a growing trend toward automation — will result in a shift from blue collar operational roles to more highly skilled positions leveraging AI skills. This will help to reduce the need for workers who are relied upon to do repetitive tasks… to those who are skilled in the field of AI.

According to Forbes magazine’s 2024 Workplace Predictions, AI and machine learning specialists take the top spots in the list of the fastest growing roles in the workplace.

Interactive Content Takes Center Stage
Traditional content is evolving… and interactive experiences are becoming increasingly popular. From immersive 3D product demonstrations to virtual reality showrooms, building product brands now can engage audiences in ways that go beyond traditional, static visuals. Interactive content not only captures and keeps attention… this type of content can also provide memorable and informative experiences.

Video Marketing Reinvented
Video marketing remains a priority in 2024. Yet, the focus is shifting toward more personalized and interactive video content. Personalized video messages — live streaming events — and augmented reality product showcases offer engaging ways to showcase building products “in action”.

Sustainable Messaging and Practices
Sustainability is not just a trend. It’s a fundamental shift in audience and industry values. Building product brands increasingly will integrate sustainable messaging into digital marketing. Accordingly, content must highlight eco-friendly materials. Energy-efficient solutions. And green certification.

Voice Search Optimization
As voice-activated devices continue to proliferate… optimizing digital content for voice-search is becoming essential. Building product brands must focus on conversational keyword optimization. And creating content that answers common voice queries. This ensures visibility in the rapidly growing landscape… and will keep Alexa and Siri from directing valuable prospects elsewhere.

Augmented Reality for Product Visualization
AR technology is revolutionizing the way influencer audiences visualize installed building products before making a specification. Building product brands can leverage AR to allow architects and contractors to virtually place products within construction projects. Aiding in decision-making. And enhancing the overall user experience.

Social Commerce Integration
Social media platforms are evolving into powerful e-commerce runways. Building product brands can capitalize on this trend by integrating social commerce features into digital strategies. Direct product links — shoppable posts and social media storefronts — will facilitate seamless transactions and help grow revenue streams.

Data Privacy and Transparency
With increasing concerns about data privacy, transparency in data usage is becoming a critical aspect of digital marketing. Building product brands must prioritize transparent data practices. Ensuring that customers are informed about how their data is collected, used and protected. This commitment will help to continue building trust and credibility.

Chatbots for Customer Support
AI-driven chatbots are evolving beyond basic functions. In 2024, we can expect more sophisticated chatbots… that will provide real-time, personalized assistance. Building product brands can leverage advanced chatbots on websites to assist customers with product inquiries. Provide reliable technical support. And even to guide prospects through the purchasing process.

5G Technology Transforming Experiences
The rollout of 5G technology will transform digital experiences by enabling faster and more reliable connectivity. This opens new possibilities for high-quality video streaming — augmented reality applications — and seamless virtual experiences. Building product brands should consider how 5G can enhance new digital marketing initiatives… to provide richer and more immersive content.

Shaping the Future of Digital Building Materials Marketing

As we anticipate the trends that will define digital marketing for building products in 2024, it’s clear that innovation and adaptability are key. From interactive content and sustainable messaging — to the integration of advanced technologies like AI and AR — marketers in the building products channel have an exciting collection of tools now available. Embracing these trends will not only keep companies competitive… but more importantly, help position brands as leaders.

Embarking on this journey into the future, let these trends inspire our digital marketing strategies… ensuring that building product brands capture the attention and loyalty of target audiences. If you’d like to future-proof your digital marketing, we’re here to help. Send an e-mail to Steve at sk@kleberandassociates.com to get the conversation started.