The words “Happy New Year” can often roll off the tongue and sound so trite and ambiguous. How can we embrace such a concept when everything seems to be in a continuous state of turmoil? The world’s floating economies are anchored by the U.S. dollar (issued by one of the greatest debtor nations in history). The political candidates provide not much more than a constant barrage of school-yard taunts on the evening news. And yes, the stock market is indicating the potential for at least a brush with recessionary environments to come.

Yet, there is much in which we can remain confident. In spite of a percolating mortgage meltdown and an imploding building bubble, the “human condition” remains fully intact.

Aspirations to improve our world will endure through the way we surround our individual lives. Family will remain vital — with the shelter and comfort we provide them continuing to support our home channel’s vitality. In 21 years, this is certainly not the first cyclical gyration we have experienced as an agency. Nor will it be the last. While each day continues to bring new challenges, we have successfully navigated numerous crucial marketing opportunities for our clients in 2007, and are particularly well poised to take advantage of several innovative branding programs at New Year’s dawn.

Let me know about particular aspirations and challenges with your own brand’s channel marketing threats. In turn, I’m willing to bet we’ll have a significant amount of valuable insight to share with you to help 2008 be the “Happy New Year” you truly desire.

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