Many home remodeling trends change from season to season, however, there are a few classic looks that never seem to go out of style. One of those is the coffered-look ceiling.

The ceiling is an often overlooked space where personal style and overall home décor meet to create a dramatic effect in residential remodeling projects. Are you a homeowner, builder or remodeler planning to remodel a family room or basement area? If you are, give serious consideration to the ceiling as the oft neglected fifth wall.

As you think through options for ceiling design and material, evaluate the overall atmosphere and character of the room. The project designer can often solve other interior design issues with the right selection of ceiling height, material, or style. If the space is large with a high ceiling, select a dark colored ceiling to add depth and make the space more inviting. Make a small space feel larger by adding a light colored ceiling, raising the ceiling height, or by installing ceiling panels, planks or beams in a small and repetitive pattern.

What’s your preference in ceiling materials — wood or tin lay-in or direct mount panels, suspended ceiling systems, a coffered ceiling, or a custom-designed decorative plaster ceiling? Ceiling manufacturers, such as WoodTrac, a division of Sauder Woodworking Co., are continuously researching and developing new and innovative ceiling materials. Architects, builders and homeowners now have a large selection of excellent alternatives to plain drywall or acoustic tile, for all ceiling types.
Well-scaled for small or large rooms, the WoodTrac Ceiling System provides added detail without overwhelming the space. Whether the ceiling is up at twelve feet, or down around nine, adding texture and style with a coffered ceiling look offers the timeless architectural detail that defines distinctive interior design. Created in response to the remodeling market demand for an attractive, affordable and easy to install ceiling system to enhance ceilings throughout the home, WoodTrac Ceiling Systems are customizable to match the homeowner’s desired look.

WoodTrac Ceiling Panels are available in six different finishes including Abbey Oak, Bank Alder, Cherry, Light Maple, textured and White/Paintable, all featured attractively in the WoodTrac image gallery.

Panels can be installed in any 2-foot by 2-foot or 2-foot by 4-foot suspended ceiling and with the WoodTrac Direct Mount ceiling panel, over drywall, plaster, popcorn and unfinished ceilings. In addition, WoodTrac has provided three styles of moldings: Tear Drop, Colonial, and Cove. Panels can be combined with any molding profile and molding color to match the interior decor. In addition, it comes with a five-year warranty, ensuring durability and sustainability.

Ceiling Tiles for a Suspended Ceiling System
When renovating a room in your home such as a dining room, office space or basement area, a suspended ceiling allows for optimal access to electrical, plumbing and heating equipment running below the floor framing. WoodTrac ceiling panels fit securely in a standard suspended ceiling grid (not included), and moldings can be installed over any 9/16-inch, 15/16-inch or 1-inch wide system.

The WoodTrac suspended ceiling system includes 2-foot by 2-foot wood panels, wall moldings available in 4-foot or 12-foot lengths and several edge profiles, main runners available in 4-foot or 12-foot lengths, cross tees and light kits. If you are planning to complete the project yourself, you will need an assortment of basic tools, a tape measure, a miter saw (or a hand saw with a simple miter box) and a table saw to cut down the edge panels. At approximately $4.00 per square foot, the WoodTrac Suspended Ceiling System offers a quality upgrade at a price that is much lower than a custom wood ceiling.

Installation steps are as follows:
Step 1: Install the wall moldings along the perimeter of the room
Step 2: Attach the main runner moldings to the bottom of the main grid runners.
Step 3: Install cross tee moldings
Step 4: Place recessed lights into cut and installed ceiling panels
Step 5: Install remaining ceiling panels on the grid

Woodtrac Direct Mount Ceiling Panels and Moldings
The installation of a new drywall ceiling requires drywall, mud, tape, paint, sanding equipment and, of course, all of the special tools and skills required to install it. It also requires quite a bit of time. With an appearance similar to the coffered ceiling look of the WoodTrac Suspended Ceiling, the WoodTrac Direct Mount ceiling panels and moldings install over joists, plaster or drywall in both new construction and remodeling applications—saving installation time and opening up a whole new range of ceiling design options in rooms throughout the home. With a Class C fire rating, the direct mount ceiling panels are perfect for all residential applications.

According to builder Todd Fratzel, the WoodTrac ceiling is easy to order, handle and install. Commenting on the WoodTrac suspended ceiling he installed recently in a residential renovation project, Fratzel said, “The product looks great in my opinion and is certainly a fraction of the cost if you were to try and building something like this from real wood and even then you wouldn’t have the access that this system allows.”

WoodTrac Ceiling Systems are sustainable, as well. WoodTrac ceiling panels are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody-certified for traceability in the wood supply chain. WoodTrac Ceiling Systems use only wood from responsibly managed forests; and all stages of the production, distribution, and sales of the ceiling product can be tracked from the certified forest to the finished product.

Cost Estimating, Ceiling Planning, Product Selection and Installation Support
Anticipating every need the homeowner, builder or home remodeler may have, WoodTrac offers cost estimating, ceiling planning, product selection and installation support for both suspended and direct mount ceiling panel systems online. Visit the website for the following information:

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Let the ceiling set the style for your next remodeling project, the WoodTrac Suspended Ceiling or Direct Mount Ceiling is a stylish and affordable building material that is an alternative to traditional acoustic suspended or drywall ceiling systems. These trending matrials add dimension and depth to any ceiling. For more information on WoodTrac ceilings and other WoodTrac Closet System and Mirror Frame Molding products, visit

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