Earlier this year we were highly critical of ADT’s Super Bowl ads, which featured HGTV personalities Adam and Drew Scott (aka “The Property Brothers”).

Perhaps we should have held our criticism in abeyance while they rolled out the rest of the campaign. Though we can hardly be blamed for not waiting seven months.

Still, better late than never. And ADT’s new campaign was worth the wait.

A Smart Approach

In an effort to demonstrate their value beyond home security, ADT’s ads strike an emotional chord. And in a category as emotionally charged as safety, security and privacy… that’s an important thing to do.

One of the ads starts by asking, “What do you want to protect?” It then illustrates several examples of the assets people want to protect. Not just their homes and loved ones. But their dreams, savings and life’s work as well.

The ad makes the point that the answer is different for everyone, and it’s constantly changing. Through the voice-over and imagery, they cast a wide net. Because the answer is indeed different for everyone.

Every person has something they value. Something they want to protect. Possessions, people, pets, the fruits of their labor. What ADT is doing — by pulling on emotional heartstrings — is showing that they “get” the consumer, and they understand what’s important to them.

Even if it went unmentioned in the ad.

The constant, of course, is ADT… and its expanded offering of protective products and services.

The second ad goes a little deeper, demonstrating how their products and services work through one illustrative example of how they were able to save a dog from a house fire.

And, yes, if you were worried, the Scott Brothers are still in the mix. Although at this point, in a diminished role.

Paying off the ads, the company’s redesigned website reflects their new effort to be the single source of protection to consumers… whatever that might mean to them. The site is more interactive. Asking users exploratory questions in an effort to direct them to personalized solutions.

It’s a smart approach to building products marketing, and we think it will work.

Focus on What Matters

But what we really like about the new ADT campaign is the tone. Whereas their Super Bowl ads essentially featured the Scotts saying “Trust ADT, because we said so…” the new campaign re-directs the focus where it belongs.

On the consumer.

Consumers don’t care much about features and benefits. They don’t care about celebrity endorsements for brands and claims of superiority.

They care about their stuff. They care about their money. They care about their families. Most importantly, they care about themselves.

ADT seems to have finally come around to that realization, and they have designed a campaign that fits neatly within that mindset. If they keep it up, grow it, and delve deeper into consumers’ emotions… it will pay off for them.