Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Advancing the Science of Neuromarketing

Earlier we discussed the emerging field of neuromarketing. One company bringing the science of nueromarketing closer to a reality is NueroFocus, part of the Nielsen Group. The company has done extensive research on the human brain and how it affects our shopping behavior. Its latest product, Mynd, could revolutionize market research. Mynd is a portable, wireless EEG device that will allow companies to monitor a subject’s brain activity while they view and interact with a product or advertisement outside a laboratory setting. Brands will be able to gather more accurate data with this device by observing consumers in a natural setting. NueroFocus emphasizes its usefulness for in-store shopper research as well as testing advertisements, product features and packaging. Maybe someday soon we will send customers into building supply stores wearing Mynd to see how their brain reacts to products on the shelf or ask home buyers to wear Mynd when touring a home to see what features they respond to most positively. The possibilities really are endless for neuromarketing.