(ATLANTA) – May 18, 2021 – Amba Products, a top U.S. manufacturer of heated towel racks, has released a fully digital product catalog and soon will be implementing recyclable packaging. These efforts are part of Amba’s initiative to take better care of the environment by reducing their carbon footprint and addressing deforestation.

As the demand for goods rises, the negative impact that it has on the environment is rapidly increasing. According to the Transport and Environment Organization, by 2050, shipping will account for 10 percent of global greenhouse gases emitted. Also, studies show that shipping, directly and indirectly, contributes to deforestation. 

Amba’s new catalog offering will be an eco-friendly way to share the brand with distributors and consumers alike. Filled with robust specifications, illustrations, and beautiful imagery, making the electronic catalog easy to understand. The digital platform allows the company to take an active role in conservation by eliminating the need for paper, ink, and shipping for the books. The print version of the 2021 catalog will be available in limited numbers to Sales Representatives.

Additionally, Amba is working with its manufacturers to implement environmentally friendly packaging options for shipped goods. The facility will now produce its own recyclable “Green Packaging,” made from raw materials. The upgraded packaging will be both plastic and Styrofoam-free. Instead, it will include paper-based box-fillers, to work towards the goal of making operations at Amba Products more sustainable in the future.

To learn more about Amba Products or to view the digital catalog, please visit https://ambaproducts.com/ 

Amba® Products

Amba Products was established in 2004 with a clear goal in mind – to make the heated towel rack a must-have item for every bathroom in North America. While Europeans have been drying and warming their towels on heated towel racks for decades, most Americans have no experience with them. For many Americans, heated towel racks are view as overpriced, not widely available, and seen only in the homes of the rich. A perception has persisted that they are a luxury item out of reach for most American families.