(BIRMINGHAM, Ala.) – AMICO HYDRODRY®, a self-draining vented wall system for use behind masonry, wood and shake siding, veneer stone, and stucco was awarded the 2020 “Green Innovation of the Year” by Green Builder Magazine. The prestigious award was given as part of Green Builder’s “Home of the Year and Sustainability Awards” program – now in its 12th year – which spotlights individuals, projects and products that encourage sustainability and efficiency.

“We are proud of all the winners of this year’s awards program,” said Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman. “These standouts represent the best practices, design, products, and ethics of sustainability in the country today. Most importantly, their innovations and commitment to green will no doubt inspire future individuals, companies, and cities to ramp up their commitment to the environment in the coming years.”

AMICO (Alabama Metal Industries Corporation) is a global leader in innovation, manufacturing and steel fabrication. HYDRODRY, AMICO’s most recent innovation creates a dedicated drainage and ventilation cavity behind exterior walls – with a rain screen and patented profiles that allow the wall to both vent and drain – extending their useful life by drying and creating continuous airflow throughout the wall cavity. This prevents moisture from damaging vital members of the wall system, providing better air quality and increasing the life and sustainability of the home.

“Traditional building practices and terminations still keep moisture trapped behind exterior walls,” said AMICO Director of Marketing, Product Innovation and Business Development Gary Baltz II. “This product is revolutionary in that it provides a dedicated drainage channel at the bottom of the wall and over openings, as well as a venting system that allows evaporated moisture to escape from the top of the cladding.

“Trapped moisture is one of the key causes of microbial growth and structural damage to a home’s framework and can cause rotting and a host of other air quality and home health problems,” Baltz added. “We’re pleased that Green Builder recognized our commitment to designing products that contribute to better comfort, sustainability and the overall health and life of the home.”

To see the Green Builder 2020 Award Issue visit www.greenbuildermedia.com/green-builder-magazine-january-february-2020. For more information about HYDRODRY, visit amicobp.com.