For the building products channel, typically there are at least two or three customer groups that brands choose to target. The architects and designers who create the spaces. The contractors who apply the products. And the end users who live with the results.

One of the challenges that continually vexes sales and marketing leaders is how to effectively reach — and influence — these different audiences. The goal, of course, is to create messaging that resonates with each group.

Collectively, would it ever make sense — to try and bring them together?

After all, determining which “customer” has the greatest influence over product selection and purchase can vary widely and unpredictably… making communication missions formidable for brands. Paint is a great example of a product category that must grapple with this challenge.

Benjamin Moore, one of the most recognizable names in the category, found a unique solution.

Elevating Contractors

What do you do when you have two distinct customer groups on the pro side — each with equal influence on the purchasing decision — but with very different jobs?

You bring them together.

That’s exactly what Benjamin Moore is doing with its Faces of Design campaign.

The multi-media campaign celebrates the collaborative relationship between the designer/architect and the painting contractor… by highlighting 25 such partnerships in various parts of the country. Through a series of articles, videos and other content formats, the campaign shines a spotlight on these partnerships… allowing the professionals to talk about — and celebrate — how they work together.

The reason this approach is so smart is because it elevates the role of the painting contractor.

Let’s be honest. When we think of painting, we don’t necessarily think of it as a process that requires an abundance of highly specialized skills. It’s one of the few jobs that weekend warriors and generalized contractors alike are both quite confident in tackling. The phrase “slap a coat of paint on” implies that it’s a straightforward task.

Additionally, designers don’t typically exhibit much of a preference when it comes to which brand of paint is specified for a given surface. They simply want the paint to match a color chip on their “mood” board… and the end-result to look good. Often, they favor the term, “or equal” when specifying a coatings brand.

Designers do, however, have loyalty for the painting contractors they hire. As with other subcontractors, these relationships are developed over time — to the point where designers can trust their painters to do the job right — within the specified timeframe.

Few consumers may realize it, but painting does require a great deal of skill… particularly at the professional level. Benjamin Moore’s new marketing campaign puts the painting contractor on equal standing with the designer, who tends to carry more authority. Particular clout. And, accordingly, a high degree of respect.

And we think that’s a smart strategy.

Appealing to All Customer Groups

The first goal that this campaign accomplishes… is to show how much Benjamin Moore admires its pro customers. By featuring them alongside designers, the company is promoting that it holds these professionals in the highest esteem. This will likely contribute to greater loyalty among painting contractors.

And may ultimately help the brand recruit more of them.

Second, the campaign acknowledges the importance of collaboration… in the design and creation of beautiful interior spaces. By celebrating that process, Benjamin Moore is inherently encouraging more designers to think about the subcontractors they work with — and to seek other pros — who will complement their efforts.

Ideally, Benjamin Moore pros.

Finally, the campaign aligns and helps to further differentiate this branded solution with the concept of design. This will help impact purchase decisions — of not only the professional painting contractor — but also those who buy paint at their local big box or hardware store.

Through this campaign, Benjamin Moore is promising that its brand is the “choice” of designers and painters responsible for bringing to life beautiful spaces. And if that choice is good enough for these valued professionals… it’s certainly good enough for everyone else.

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