STODDARD, N.H. – June 15, 2021 Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, the leader in wide plank hardwood flooring for residential and commercial spaces, has debuted its newest flooring design concept – the “one board floor.”

For its latest concept floor, Carlisle’s Transformative Design Team wanted to expand on the art of pattern floors, such as chevron and herringbone, and explore how placement of the planks impacts the final design of a wood floor. In standard wide plank flooring installations, the unique character of individual boards contributes significantly to the aesthetic outcome, whereas pattern floors focus primarily on layout and involve a set structure inside which individual planks exist.

“While textures and finishes are always important when designing a floor, strategically determining where to place a darker board or where to use longer planks has a notable impact on the overall feel and flow of the floor,” said Chris Sy, President of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. “This idea led our team to consider whether we could make a beautiful and engaging floor from boards that lacked variation and instead were all exactly the same. Thus, the ‘one board floor’ was born.”

The Transformative Design Team chose to build upon the graduated color effect seen in ombré textiles. To mirror the look, Carlisle’s artisans chose a series of natural tones, including trending grays and white, and then added heavy distinctions between each tone. At the same time, they made sure to preserve the grain pattern of the planks and underlying warmth of the floor. When the planks are arranged in various configurations, the result is a series of distinctive floors with rich depth and structure.
Added Sy, “We talked during our design sessions about how we are ingrained to discuss the uniqueness of each plank. We describe for our customers how the grain flows, or how the sapwood is more prevalent in some boards, or how there may be a few planks that have more knots or more mineral streaks. What’s most intriguing about our newest concept floor is the wide variety of outcomes you can achieve using a single plank as the foundation. The options are really endless.”

Carlisle offers a broad range of flooring choices, including Collection floors and fully customized floors, to create one-of-a-kind looks. The newest concept floor highlights how identical planks arranged in creative patterns can achieve very different aesthetics, significantly expanding the design possibilities.
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For more than 50 years, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has handcrafted the finest wood floors in America – each one reflecting the natural beauty of the highest quality materials available. We take great pride in time-honored processes, from responsibly sourcing the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests to embracing a level of craftsmanship equally at home with traditional rustic themes or with fashion-forward style. We believe every detail of every floor matters. From creating just the right shade of gray to the nuance of a hand-scraped edge, we collaborate with each client to define a personalized, custom-made floor. And, whether that floor is selected from our extensive curated collections or uniquely designed to match a specific vision, it will be realized in the same way: one plank at a time.

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