K&A Case Study: Building a Blogger Network

Times have changed

According to the latest studies, consumers today are placing less trust in advertising and other paid media, and more trust in “unbiased” sources of information such as third-party bloggers. In fact, when consumers are researching brands and figuring out what to buy, bloggers are now among their most sought after resources.

No wonder there are  172 million Tumblr pages and 75.8 million WordPress blogs on the web.

Can we leverage that influence?

This led K&A to begin researching the blogosphere, to identify the top bloggers for Home and Building products.

After ten months of hard work analyzing Klout scores, Alexa rankings and other criteria, we not only identified the most influential home and building bloggers, we analyzed their audiences and developed a definitive method for estimating their value.

The ground work was done. All we needed was a client willing to give it a try.

The winner is… WoodTrac

In 2015, WoodTrac became the first client to take advantage of the K&A Home and Building Blogger Network. We reached out to multiple bloggers on their behalf, negotiating rates and brokering product donations.

The result was extensive coverage of WoodTrac closet and ceiling products written from a Do-It-Yourselfer point of view. Most of the posts included detailed and engaging storytelling as well as step-by-step installation photos.

This expanded coverage also came with an additional benefit—more than 20,000 views on social media.

With results like that, we’re sure additional clients will soon be lining up to utilize the K&A Home and Building Blogger Network.

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