This past week, the world’s leading tech manufacturers and aficionados converged in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)… the largest consumer innovations trade show experience of the year.

Well, that’s typically the case, anyway. Unfortunately, due to the Omicron variant, attendance was significantly lower than in 2020, the most recent year when the meeting was held in person. More than 50,000 people and 2,200 exhibitors were expected to attend, numbers significantly lower than in 2020, when 170,000 people walked the show floor and 4,149 companies exhibited.

It’s really not surprising that there were so many fewer exhibitors and attendees this year. Many exhibitors chose to err on the side of caution and cancelled several weeks before the show. Names like T-Mobile, Amazon, Google and many more big and small companies did not attend.

But, as they say, “the show must go on.” And it did — showcasing thousands of practical — and not so practical — innovations for the home, health and wellness, and work, learn and play.

Following are just a few of the products that caught our team’s eye.

Let It Flow

What’s more refreshing, and indulgent, than the “perfect bath”… one that you can fully customize, including the depth and temperature — and fill from anywhere in your home, without ever lifting a finger? Kohler’s PerfectFill™ technology is an innovative drain system that combines a smart drain, built-in voice assistant, digital app and bath filler. No more worrying about overfilling the bathtub or water that’s too hot or cold.

For those who want a more elevated bathing experience, Kohler’s Stillness Bath combines water, light, fog and aroma to deliver an at home spa-like feel. The Infinity Experience takes it one step further, allowing the water to flow over the edges of the tub and into a hinoki wood base, creating a flowing water sound and the ultimate sensory indulgence.

Stillness Bath with Infinity Experience from Kohler

Green Scene

LG has created a convenient solution for those who enjoy a bit of green. Whether you’re an avid gardener, curious about botany or just want to grow your own nutrient-rich produce, the LG tiiun, named after the Korean word meaning ‘to sprout,’ enables you to cultivate an indoor garden year-round. The 3-foot tall self-growing garden includes two shelves and can accommodate up to six seed packages, enabling users to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. Features such as a flexible Weather Control System and an internal watering system create the ideal microclimate for perfect plants — even for those without a green thumb.

LG tiiun from LG Electronics

Do the Wave

Want to feel like a wizard! Well the latest iteration of Moen’s smart water technology has made that possible with the Smart Faucet with Motion Control. The new hands-free faucet comes with a wave sensor that can detect via simple hand motions whether you want hot, cold or warm water as well as the desired water flow. The faucet can also be controlled through voice activation, and users can create presets for the most frequently used temperatures. A completely touchless experience reduces the spread of dirt and germs.

Moen® Smart Faucet with Motion Control

Knock Three Times

The Masonite M-Pwr™ Smart Dooris a customizable exterior entry door with multiple built-in features. Powered by Masonite software, the all-in-one smart door features a built in Yale® smart lock, Ring Video Doorbell and programmable motion-sensor LED welcome light, which are connected via WiFi. The smart door is powered directly by a patent-pending electrical system, which eliminates the need for battery power for individual components. A backup power capability can keep all components functioning for up to 24 hours, for added peace of mind.

Masonite M-Pwr™ Smart Door
The Lawn Game

Tired of treating your lawn yourself? Or paying a service do it for you? Then the OtO Lawn might just be what the landscaper ordered. The OtO Lawn solar powered smart sprinkler automatically waters and applies lawn and garden treatments from the convenience of a single compact device. You can create custom watering zones that match the shape of your lawn, minimizing water wasted on sidewalks and pathways — for significant savings on your water bill. You can also apply eco-friendly fertilizers and pest-control from the touch of a button on your smartphone.

OtO Lawn Smart Sprinkler from OtO Inc.
Mirror, Mirror

Tired of bringing your phone into the bathroom just so you can listen to music? Well, ICON.AI has solved that problem for you. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa assistant, SOUND MIRROR is a voice activated “acoustic mirror” that enables you to wirelessly stream music, podcasts and other audio content from Bluetooth-compatible mobile devices. And the combination full-sized mirror and smart speaker is virtually waterproof. So go ahead and sing in the shower!


Here are a couple of our other picks… just for fun.

Bird Buddy is the perfect bird feeder for those who enjoy watching and feeding our feathered friends. The AI-powered bird feeder notifies you when a bird stops at the feeder via an app while built-in technology allows users to capture photos and video clips of the bird and recognizes and identifies the bird species. The WiFi-enabled feeder unit notifies users when bird seed levels need replenishing and comes with an optional solar panel.

Bird Buddy

Maicat is an interactive cat that generates empathetic and personalized experiences for the user. AI technology and autonomous control enable the robot to understand and adapt to its environment while sensors help it navigate throughout the home. Features such as LED eyes, speaker-to-display realistic cat sounds and multiple actuators allow Maicat to operate and respond naturally.

Maicat Robotic Cat from Macroact

While this year’s CES show didn’t happen exactly as planned, our team was inspired by the creativity, innovation and passion displayed. We look forward to seeing all of our industry friends and channel influencers next month at IBS/KBIS in Orlando.