It’s that time of year again when the world’s leading tech manufacturers met to showcase their new and amazing products. This past week, global innovators unveiled groundbreaking advancements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This year seems to have marked a turning point, where things have finally resumed to some kind of a normal… as more and more attendees and exhibitors participated. After all — it is a tech show — and media coverage is as saturating as it is attention-grabbing. Many of the headline new product reveals, as well as keynote addresses, were live-streamed.

Products debuting at CES showcase the cutting edge of technology and smart home conveniences.

At CES 2024 there were a huge number of innovations that could not only improve life but were also relevant to an audience interested in home and building-related products.

Innovatively clean

In the past several years there has been a demand for safer and cleaner spaces due to the pandemic. Innova, a UK-based manufacturer, has designed the world’s first supersonic nano-droplet water spray system. The NanoJet is designed to prevent future pandemics by quickly disinfecting and purifying surroundings before a virus or bacterium has time to establish itself and spread. This device is intended for home and office use and has great potential as more and more attention goes to keeping surfaces and spaces sanitized.

Skinny insulation

A common problem with home appliances like refrigerators is not having enough space to hold everything. Well, Whirlpool Corporation returned to CES with a perfect solution to this problem. Whirlpool’s new SlimTech insulation system removes the need for thick insulating walls on refrigerators and freezers. This technology can allow up to 66% more interior space than in an appliance insulated conventionally. This is a massive leap forward in refrigerator design and something to look out for.

Let there be light

Good lighting is always a great way to add some flair to a kitchen. And GE definitely brings the flair. GE is a a division of Savant as well as a leading company in the smart home market. The all-new, programmable Cync line adds under cabinet fixtures and pucks that can shine in with millions of color combinations. These smart lights can be controlled from Savant’s award-winning phone app.

Be in control

With so many different and incompatible smart home products, it can be a hassle to control all of them individually. However with the the new Mui Board, incompatibility problems can be much simpler to handle. The Mui Board Gen 2 may look like an ordinary piece of wood but in reality, it can be the central hub to control all of the smart products in a home. With its sleek and simple design, anyone can control things like the temperature, lights, speakers and more using just one finger.

The smart phone of projectors

This simple yet advanced product is a great example of how to maximize the most of your space. The XGIMI’s Aladdin is a multipurpose projector that is perfect for entertainment or more efficient work presentations. This projector is ceiling-mounted and it doubles as a ceiling fixture. The Alladin can be installed easily in any size room and it’s perfect for a bedroom. It is capable of projecting a 1080p image that spans 100 inches from over 6 feet away. Truly an ingenious idea.

A revolutionary bidet

Bemis has introduced a very intelligent addition to any toilet. The BB-1200 Bidet Toilet Seat has various built-in features including unlimited warm water, a heated seat, an air dryer and a wireless remote. This device also comes with an phone app. With the remote or using the app, everything is adjustable, from the nozzle position and pressure to the water and seat temperatures. 

Meet the future of toilets

How about one of the fanciest and most technologically advanced toilets out there? Look no further than the Numi 2.0 smart toilet From Kohler. This toilet has the ability to create personalized cleansing and dryer functions and an advanced flush function, while also coming with a heated seat. Not only is the toilet very functional but it also comes with a built-in lighting and speaker system.

Robot see robot do

Google unveiled some truly remarkable work being done with integrating AI into robots at CES 2024. Google’s AI-lab DeepMind robots are still in a very early stage but are working on automation, reaction times and motion tracking in robots allowing them to work more efficiently in the real world. The new research allows the bots to learn by watching – examining the environment and working out the task themselves in real time.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

This new smart mirror takes that fairytale phrase and makes it real. Baracoda’s BMind smart mirror is powered by generative artificial intelligence and claims to to be able to determine someone’s mood and then offer affirmations, visuals and more to improve it. This clever device won a 2024 CES Innovation Award in the smart home category, and it combines AI with natural language processing to analyze the state of mind of whoever’s looking into the mirror. It then adapts its responses to provide light therapy sessions, guided meditations and self-affirmations; with the goal to improve mindsets and manage stress.

Eye in the sky

Nobi, a provider of innovative aging in place tech solutions, launched its Nobi Ceiling at CES. This is a ceiling-mounted version of its award-winning AI-powered Smart Lamps, and it detects falls while monitoring older adults’ health and activity patterns. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries among older adults, with one out of every three people over age 65 falling at least once a year. When older people fall, quick help is a matter of life and death. Nobi’s Smart Lamps detect 100 percent of falls and are meticulously crafted to anticipate and respond to the needs of older adults, creating an environment where safety and independence thrive.

This year’s CES show was indeed a wonder, and our team was inspired by the creativity, innovation and passion displayed. We look forward to seeing all of our industry friends and channel influencers next month at IBS/KBIS in Las Vegas.