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Considering an indoor replacement or renovation project as the summer wraps up and we head into the fall? With an array of impressive new products on the market, it’s hard to decide which project to do next.  We’d like to help you make your decision by offering a few facts about how to choose the best indoor projects to enhance your home and lifestyle, based on return on investment (ROI) and popularity.

What is the average cost for today’s home improvement project? The residential and commercial construction industry experts at Hanley Wood say, “Within three months of a home purchase, 53% of buyers undertook a home improvement project. According to the 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences by the National Association of Realtors, the typical buyer spent $4,550 on various projects.”

When considering the ROI for different types of projects, the facts show that replacement projects actually offer a better ROI than renovation, as they are frequently less expensive and look terrific immediately. “If you get new windows, new siding and replace the front door, the house looks great. It sells faster and for more money,” says Sal Alfano, editorial director of Remodeling Magazine. Additionally, there may be replacement upgrades you will need to do should you list your house for sale, why not do them now and enjoy them yourself? Whether it’s a replacement or a renovation, the indoor projects home owners experience most satisfaction with are the ones they believe are the best investment, long term.

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that very few home improvement projects actually return full value upon resale. RealestateMSN.com mentions the following three types of projects as having the best ROI: replacing exterior siding with fiber cement (av. cost $1,238, 73% ROI), a midrange attic bedroom remodel including bath with shower (av. cost $50,148, 72.5% ROI), and a midrange minor kitchen remodel (av. cost $19,588, 72.1% ROI).

Add Beauty to Your Indoor Living Space
For your next attic bedroom and bath remodel project, or your kitchen remodel project, consider the following beautiful products:

WoodTrac Ceilings. The WoodTrac® Ceiling System offers the look and feel of a custom crafted wood ceiling at an affordable price. The panels install over 9/16” or 15/16” suspended ceiling grid, allowing them to fit into most new or existing systems. There are four stock finishes to choose from, as well as three different molding profiles.

Feeney DesignRail. DesignRail® aluminum railing frame systems from Feeney are versatile and aesthetically distinctive. Made from high-strength 600-series aluminum, DesignRail is well-suited to any interior railing application and can be used with a variety of infill products.

Hy-Lite DecoGuard Window. The new decorative glass impact-resistant DecoGuard privacy window from Hy-Lite is available in a myriad of designs, and is a perfect choice for the special, design accent window in the kitchen, bath, living room or entry way. The DecoGuard privacy window provides the touch of luxury home owners love, as well as privacy and durability.

Altmans Aqueduct LED Faucet. Altmans new, affordable Aqueduct LED bathroom takes innovation to whole new level. The faucet generates its own power which means no batteries or plugs are required, so consumers know they are utilizing an energy efficient product. The high-end Aqueduct LED stimulates the LED to sense and signal water temperature. Unlike other units that have color presets, the Aqueduct’s LED temperature sensor can tell whether the water is cold or hot, and then changes the color accordingly.
Elmira Stove Works. Stunning Retro Appliances. Stunning lines and outstanding colors make Northstar appliances the perfect fit for retro, contemporary or modern kitchens. These appliances are loaded with the latest in 21st century technology; including every convenience and feature necessary for your style of cooking. Elmira Stove Works, with their Northstar collection of retro appliances, continues its commitment to innovative classics, combining the iconic look of 50’s style appliances with the modern amenities of contemporary appliances.

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