Headed to New York any time soon? Check out “Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen” at the Museum of Modern Art.
What does your kitchen mean to you? It seems as though we are no longer buying an appliance, but purchasing a status symbol, a new necessity to make our lives easier or to entertain effortlessly. Kitchen design and functionality has become of the utmost importance in our modern society as it is no longer a place to cook and eat, but spend time with family and friends. The exhibit explores the twentieth-century transformation of the kitchen through design, technology and efficiency.
The most notable attraction of the exhibit is one of the earliest kitchens, the “Frankfurt Kitchen” designed by Margarete Schutte-Lithotzky for post-WWI Germany housing projects. The design is revered for its functional clarity and rational approach.

“Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen” continues through March 14, 2011 at the Museum of Modern Art; (212) 708-9400, moma.org.