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Through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail, companies can reach out to consumers faster than ever. However, consumers can unsubscribe faster than ever, too. One click and a Facebook page can be unliked, a Twitter profile can be unfollowed and e-mails can be blocked.
Consumers control what information they get or don’t get.
It’s our job, as marketers, to keep our consumers interested. A Facebook fan page without any fans is a major sign that no one is interested. Before it gets that far, make sure your consumers are engaged in the messages that you send out.
How? Make your posts, Tweets and e-mails about your audience… not just your brand. Include the consumers in your messaging. Have special contests, such as trivia and photo contests, where consumers can interact. Their interaction allows you to build relationships with them and learn what they want out of your product or service.
Building relationships with your audience is key. Consumers want to know that your brand is real and not just planned out words across a page.
Once that relationship is built, don’t hinder it.  Don’t be repetitive in your messaging or updates, and don’t post too frequently. 100 Tweets a day about your brand comes across too strong and seems like you have a personal agenda. Sure, you want to sell or spread awareness, but no one is going to read anything without any value behind it.

Photo courtesy of Mashable.com

According to a study “The Social Break-Up,” 52% of people stopped following brands on Twitter and 38% stopped following brands on Facebook because the content became repetitive. Also, 54% of people unsubscribed from opt-in e-mails, 44% unliked on Facebook and 39% stopped following on Twitter because of brands posting too frequently. Repetitiveness and frequency can be controlled by keeping your content unique and relevant, making it valuable for its readers. Control allows you to keep and expand on your relationships with consumers.
So build relationships and keep content interesting, unique and relevant. That way, your customers won’t have a reason to unsubscribe.