Computer technology is constantly changing. Laptops are getting lighter, faster and some even have touch-screen capabilities. A new component in the works, an eye-tracking device, could make laptops even faster and, most impressively, more personable.
The device can be used to play games, scroll text and much more—all without the use of a mouse cursor!

The eye tracker works by shining two invisible infrared lights at the user. Two hidden cameras then look for flashes of light off the eyeballs and reflections from each retina. It’s very personable and needs to be calibrated for each user. The eye tracker works for people with or without eyeglasses.

Seems surreal, doesn’t it? Well, according to a recent AP article, these eye-tracking devices are already produced by Tobii Technology Inc., a Swedish firm, and have been used for years by researchers and the disabled.

In a couple more years, these devices will be available to consumers.

Looking ahead, these devices could be a crucial component to the home and building industries. Think about it…

Builders could design homes by using their eyes, instead of their hands. Decorators could purchase home goods without clicking a mouse cursor. Consumers could research products online without having to scroll, except with their eyes.
Would the eye tracker make these industries more efficient? What do you think?