The fall season is officially upon us, which means leaves are changing colors and homeowners are scheduling remodeling projects ahead of the cold weather. Replacing siding is popular due to the high ROI associated with the project. New siding can also help people weatherproof their homes while increasing curb appeal. There are several materials to choose from, including fiber cement.
Fiber cement siding is built to last for decades with little to no maintenance. Unlike wood, this material is termite-resistant and won’t rot due to moisture. Fiber cement also offers better fire protection due to its composition. Nichiha U.S.A., a leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding and cladding, makes several residential products that contain more than 50 percent recycled content and are backed by industry-best warranties.
Sierra Premium Shake has the industry’s highest quality features and benefits, including deeply defined grooves and keyways that provide eye-popping shadows and the look of real wood shake. This premium fiber cement product also features a Duracolor ST Semi-Transparent that provides long-lasting color and better durability due to enhanced pigments, for consistent product appearance. The shake boards are available pre-finished in three colors, including Terra, Hazelnut, and Shadow.

Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock™ is a versatile option for residential and commercial projects. Combining cool modern tones with subtle seams, this product offers a clean, linear look. It compliments a variety of materials, making it the ideal partner for gleaming glass, stainless steel or even a splash of neon.

For homeowners looking for an authentic cedar look with added convenience, NichiShake™, NichiStaggered™ and NichiStraight™ shake products provide the perfect solution. NichiStaggered and NichiStraight panels feature the deep contours of cedar grain in classic straight edges or staggered edges. Nichishakes individual shake boards are available in a variety of widths and offer homeowners the visual charm of cedar without the concerns of rot, pests and continual upkeep of real wood.

Nichiha U.S.A. has products suited for any exterior remodeling project. If you’ve been considering upgrading your home’s siding, now is the perfect time to hire a contractor before winter sets in. To learn more about the benefits of fiber cement siding, visit

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