OAKLAND, Calif. – August 2021 Feeney, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and aluminum railing systems, has announced the availability of new Antimicrobial Powder Coatings for its DesignRail® Aluminum Railing System.

Feeney customers can now order select colors of DesignRail® with TruClean ST (Silver Technology) powder coating technology. Well-suited for both interior and exterior applications, the antimicrobial surface coating inhibits the growth of bacteria while maintaining excellent color retention, durability and long-term effectiveness.

“Ongoing exposure to microbes such as fungus, mold and mildew can be harmful to railing surfaces, leading to eventual deterioration and discoloration,” said Andy Toimil, chief product officer for Feeney. “When people invest in high quality railings, they want to protect that investment and ensure their railings remain attractive for years to come. Our antimicrobial powder coating preserves the beauty of the railing investment by preventing microbe build up, which keeps railings cleaner longer.”
The innovative powder coating technology utilizes a proprietary silver-based material as the active ingredient. When moisture is present, the coating releases silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Silver is a naturally occurring element that, when used as directed, is known to be safe for human and animal contact while also being effective against the spread of a large range of bacteria that contribute to mildew and odors. In addition, silver protects surface coatings better than repeated cleaning with alcohol, chlorine or ammonium-based antimicrobials.
Like all of Feeney’s powder coat finishes, the antimicrobial coatings adhere to AAMA 2604 coating specifications for superior impact and weather resistance, and color retention. The TruClean ST coating option is available for nine of Feeney’s most popular DesignRail® colors.
DesignRail® with Antimicrobial Powder Coatings can be ordered for an additional charge from Feeney authorized dealers.
To learn more about all of Feeney’s products, visit www.feeneyinc.com.
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