Feeney, Inc.

Celebrating its 65th year in business, Feeney, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality cable railing assemblies, aluminum railings, and other architectural solutions for residential and commercial projects, as well as wire rope and rigging products for industrial uses. The family-owned and operated business has offices in Oakland, Calif.; Eugene, Ore.; and Holbrook, N.Y.

Residential and commercial builders, architects, and property owners have welcomed Feeney’s stainless steel cable assemblies and other attractive, durable, and easy-to-use design solutions.  Popular brands include CableRail railing infill cables, DesignRail® aluminum railing systems and Trellis Collection freestanding and wall mounted cable and rod trellis kits.  The company is the exclusive distributor of easy-to-install Lightline® canopy kits and Sta-Lok® stainless steel rod assemblies.  Lightline® canopies combine stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic components into modern designs that are visually and functionally attractive.

A Heritage of Innovation

Feeney is proud of its heritage, rich in innovation, quality craftsmanship, and customer service.  In 1948, Jim Feeney opened the doors of Feeney Wire Rope & Rigging in an old soap factory building located on the edge of San Francisco Bay in Berkeley, Calif. The post-War, San Francisco Bay Area was booming with military, maritime, and construction business, and Feeney quickly gained a solid reputation as a company that provided quality rigging products and superior service. With hard work, a dedicated staff, and an expanding list of satisfied customers, Feeney soon grew to become one of the leading suppliers of custom rigging and hardware in the region, and this position still holds true today.

In 1979, the Ralston family purchased the company. With an eye toward the future and an enthusiastic, forward-thinking approach to business, the Ralstons were able to incorporate new ideas and new products into the company’s offerings that allowed them to expand into new markets beyond traditional industrial rigging.

The CableRail line of architectural cables and fittings was first introduced in 1988 in response to a growing interest by architects and builders for modern, unobtrusive railing infill products. The following year, Feeney simplified the product line by introducing CableRail Standard Assemblies. These prefabricated cable assemblies are designed to be sold in standardized lengths that can be trimmed to exact size in the field, and they incorporate Feeney’s patented, automatic-locking Quick-Connect® fitting. These assemblies are simple to understand, easy-to-use, economical, and beautiful. Practically invisible by design, this approach to railing infill is perfect for projects with a view, and its popularity continues to grow as the product line continuously evolves to meet market needs.

Almost a decade later, Feeney expanded its operations and opened a facility in Eugene, Ore., to develop a new addition to the Feeney architectural line, aluminum railing frame systems.  In addition to CableRail cables, the company was now able to offer a complete railing system with cable, glass panels, or picket infill options. The railings were first introduced under the CableRail brand but are now marketed under their own brand, DesignRail®.

Today, Feeney, Inc. continues its commitment to delivering high quality products and superior service. Its newest manufacturing facility features a state-of-the-art, fully automated, computerized machining center that can operate 24/7.  This technology helps them control quality, manage inventories, improve production, and develop new products.

The product line is still growing, and it now includes innovative architectural solutions, such as Sta-Lok® stainless steel rod assemblies, Lightline® door canopy kits, and Trellis Collectionfreestanding and wall mounted cable and rod trellis kits. The industrial rigging segment continues to offer cable, wire rope, chain cordage, and rigging hardware products, as well as custom fabrication services. Feeney architectural and garden products are available throughout the United States.