OAKLAND, Calif. – Dec. 5, 2018 Feeney, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and aluminum railing systems, offers architectural rod assemblies – an attractive, high strength and low-maintenance alternative to traditional steel rod and wire rope rigging systems.

Designed to support loads in both tension and compression conditions, the rod assemblies can be used in a variety of structural and decorative applications – from glass curtain walls and door canopy supports, to guardrail balusters, to overhead awnings and trellis infill grids.

Assemblies are made to order to specified lengths and are available in 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ & 1″ diameters. Tension forks are set in the mid-adjustment position, allowing maximum open and close adjustment without any exposed threads.

Designed for ease of installation, adjustment and tensioning can be accomplished without the need of bulky in-line turnbuckles. Flats are machined onto each rod so that wrenches can grip without scratching the finish.

Constructed from durable, weather-resistant 316-grade stainless steel and featuring a satin finish, the rod assemblies contain 94 percent pre-consumer reclaimed materials. Upon disposal, they can be recycled at metal reclamation sites.

Rod assembly components include stainless steel rods, tension forks, rod connectors, isolation washers and isolation sleeves, which can be ordered individually or as part of a complete made-to-measure rod assembly.

For more information, visit www.feeneyinc.com/Architectural-Rods.


About Feeney

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