Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s for Gen Y, Design Counts.

Millenials tend to gravitate toward products that present a great brand experience through design. Whether it’s packaging or a really great logo, interesting and different products sell to more than just Millenials, according to MediaPost’s Engage: Gen Y.

The popularity of design-focused blogs like Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy and TV Shows like Design Star suggest that there is a Gen Y ethos around design that brands should really pay attention to when thinking about new products, services or experiences. Although design may not be important to some, Gen Y is always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Successful design embraces some of these philosophies:

1. Customization through self-expression. Gen Ys are instantly attracted to products and services that are highly customizable, unique and different. Think about the popularity of vintage—older products with history that can easily be modified to fit an individual’s style. Products that allow storytelling are highly coveted in a Gen Y’s mind.

2. Share this. Millenials are technology junkies who like to share everything. Gen Ys are social bees that crave co-creation and participation of a brand. Likewise, Millenials enjoy sharing their ideas with others. Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board that allows users to organize and share beautiful things found on the web, is a perfect example of Millenials’ need to document and share their lives.

3. Millenials aren’t always fast and furious. Not all things need to be about speed and surprise, including relationships with family and friends. In this crazy busy life, Gen Ys need to be reminded to slow down. Even though many relationships are created and maintained online, most Millenials actually cherish human relationships and interaction, face-to-face and virtually. Although a lunch or coffee date is nearly impossible when a Gen Y is busy, apps like Words with Friends enable real interactions that simulate these experiences.

4. Gen Ys have a good side. Despite what you may think, most Millennials are caring when it comes to socially conscious brands. Brands that embrace this philosophy are top of mind for most Gen Ys. TOMS shoes is a perfect example of a brand doing great things. For one pair of shoes purchased, the organization donates a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Cool brands that have distinct design simply sell. Although many Millenials may be skeptical, great design can grab their attention in an instant.
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