It’s simple. If people are interested in what you’re saying, they’ll continue paying attention as long as you’re sharing new and valuable information. And how do you accomplish this?

Below are six ways to create content that packs a punch:

  1. Be simple and straight forward
    Any good copywriter will tell you that the less words, the better. But what this doesn’t mean is that you’re skimping on your marketing materials; in actuality, cutting non-essential information will make your written communications more valuable. Delete words that you deem unnecessary. Think what you want to say, say it, than edit the heck out of it.
  2.  Avoid jokes and corny puns
    You may think you’re the next Jerry Seinfeld, but for the sake of your audience, avoid the humor in written works. Alienating your audience with comedic tales that may not be relevant or appealing to them is a sure way of not getting their attention.
  3. Make it easy to read
    Long winded paragraphs will only cause people to tune out or discount your message. Use bullet points, numbered lists or attention grabbing subheads to create flow and keep the reader engaged.
  4. You’re not that important
    How many people really care how wonderful and successful your company, service or product is? What do they care about? Themselves of course! Tell them how you’re going to enhance their lives or their business. Avoid delving into your company history within the first few paragraphs or pages. You may see this as interesting, but what consumers see instead is self-promotion.
  5. Be creative
    Flex your creative muscles by finding time to practice your communication skills. Use visual aids to help make content connections. Challenging yourself to think in new ways will produce innovative and fresh content.
  6. Have a point
    In order to get to the point, you must have one. What are you ultimately trying to accomplish with your marketing materials: brand awareness, introduction of a new product or service insight into the latest trends in your industry? Whatever your motivations to communicate, there must be a significant message that will benefit your readers. If you don’t have anything important to say now, wait until you do.

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