Here’s the latest on How Housing and Hispanics Will Affect the Election

Just under two months away from the presidential election, two items are poised to affect the outcome more than they ever have in history: the housing market and Hispanic Americans.

The economy has been, of course, the hottest topic of discussion between the candidates and will continue to be the center of attention long after the results have been tallied. But could new reports on home prices and foreclosures swing the vote in key battleground states?

CNN Money reported this week that home prices and home sales are up in nine swing states while foreclosures are down. While this news could benefit one party over another, John Burns cautioned that most consumers still believe their states are in a real estate slump. To date, neither candidate has discussed the housing market in much length, choosing rather to focus the conversation on jobs and the economy as a whole. But most voters associate a strong housing market with a strong job market and economy.

Hispanic Americans have already proven their political power in the 2008 presidential election and are sure to play a key role once again. As the largest minority group in the United States, they have not only earned a lot of political clout, but are also proving to be a large force in the economic recovery. With an expected purchasing power of $1.3 trillion in 2015, political figures and corporations alike cannot afford to ignore this group of Americans.