An estimated 70,000 industry professionals converged upon the Orlando Convention Center from February 8-10 for the highly

An estimated 70,000 industry professionals converged upon the Orlando Convention Center from February 8-10 for the highly anticipated International Builders’ Show and Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, both part of the annual Design and Construction Week.

After two years of limited trade show interaction, attendees and exhibitors were enthusiastic and eager to engage. Multiple clients told us the traffic at their booths was steady – in some cases overflowing – and that their customers and prospects were serious about getting down to business – all portending a strong year ahead.

It’s clear that the application of innovative solutions within the areas of resilience, affordability and sustainability are continuing to gain momentum and we believe they will be at the forefront moving forward.

After all, it’s not hard to make a business case for healthier, more durable and efficient homes. And a growing number of manufacturers are getting onboard, as evidenced by the following examples.

Make sure to check out just a few of the innovations that grabbed our attention at IBS/KBIS:

Resilience. A number of manufacturers showcased products and solutions developed to address weather-related issues and shifts in climate. RSG-3D showcased its panel building system, which consists of polystyrene foam panels sandwiched between a wire mesh grid frame. Once the walls and roof are assembled, the panels are covered on both sides with concrete, creating highly durable structures that are fireproof, seismic resistant and hurricane resistant.  In addition, assembly requires fewer skilled trades to complete than stick-built structures, saving time and labor.

Home built with the RSG-3D System

MultiPoint Foundations from Triodetic displayed its foundation solution for structures located on unstable soils, such as permafrost regions, and areas subject to frequent flooding. Constructed of durable, weather-resistant galvanized steel or aluminum, the adjustable foundation eliminates the need for excavating and doesn’t require concrete, form work or heavy machinery.

The foundation can be assembled in a single day using unskilled labor and offers better long-term structural performance than traditional foundations in areas prone to changing ground conditions.

MultiPoint Foundation Solution

Affordable Housing. The need for affordable housing options was also front and center. During the show, Hüga Technology was recognized with a National Association of Home Builders Global Innovations Award for its game-changing Hüga House solution, a prefab concrete tiny home that is both weatherproof and impact-resistant.

The easy-to-assemble concrete unit is not only affordable but can be built in under 24 hours and includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and upstairs lounge area, along with an optional rooftop deck. It’s also well-suited for off-the-grid living.

Hüga Home

Sustainability. It’s not a surprise that eco-friendly building options continue to be top of mind. For example, in the Start Up Zone at the International Builders’ Show, Hempitecture highlighted its offerings, all designed to put a new spin on sustainability.

The company manufactures and distributes HempCrete, a natural building material derived from hemp along with HempWool thermal insulation. Not only does hemp offer strong energy performance, but it’s also fire-and pest-resistant and sequesters CO2.

Home built with HempCrete

This year’s Design and Construction Week definitely left us wanting more. We’re already looking forward to IBS/KBIS 2023 in Las Vegas – which will also include the National Hardware Show for the first time. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!