ICFF-BERNHARDTThe International Contemporary Furniture Fair, or ICFF 2015, was held in New York City from May 16 to 19. The twenty-seventh edition of North America’s platform for global design drew over thirty-thousand designers from twenty-four countries, and featured a wide range of engaging ICFF Talks.

For example, “Brazil: A New Perspective” offered attendees a look inside the world of contemporary, modern furniture while emphasizing the diverse world cultures that make the industry so interesting.

One noteworthy trend that took the spotlight this year was the idea of transformable furniture. KLR Interiors showcased an elegant dining room table that allowed the top to be removed and double as a pool table. Maintaining the integrity of an open space, the design allows for a room to serve multiple purposes. A similar concept was presented by Rock, Paper, Robot. Their Ollie transformable table and chair caught the attention of many attendees—with just the pull of a string, a completely flat wood surface folds down and creates a chair.

ICFF-FranzViegenerAnother design trend evident at ICFF 2015 was the simplicity in fixtures and faucets that resonated across many brands. For example, Franz Viegener called attention to their latest Edge faucet. While the idea of minimalism is an aesthetic many gravitate towards when designing bathrooms, this year’s exhibitors demonstrated that there is a complexity in designing something so purely simple. Franz Viegener’s hand crafted products are designed with uncompromising attention to detail, creativity, innovation and quality.

ICFF-StickbulbLighting was also an interesting focal point of ICFF 2015. One example that definitely stood out was the X Collection from Stickbulb, Their latest collection blurs the line between lighting and furniture, featuring illuminated pieces that can function as tables, shelving, or pendant fixtures. The X Collection creates graphic and structural shapes inspired by hexagonal and tetrahedral forms in nature.

ICFF-KonceptA more minimalist lighting design could be found in Koncept’s newest lamp model, Lady7. With its cordless joint design and sleek, clean lines, Lady7 would be a beautiful linear light source for any desk. The lamp can be switched from warm to cool light with a hidden dimmer, and features a built-in USB port for charging mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

ICFF-ApparatusWhile ICFF consisted mostly of visually appealing contemporary pieces and a touch of luxurious, often sustainable, materials, it didn’t end there. Apparatus Studio brought a refreshing and elevated experience to the conference.

Their exhibit included candle blocks, beautiful shift porcelain pieces, and a spun brass incense burner called Censor. Its hand-cast porcelain dome provided a pleasant sensory experience for the crowds, with a faint scent of cinnamon.

ICFF-CenserTechnology is certainly integrated into designs these days, but it was the functional, multi-purpose, and transformable pieces that were among the biggest trends. While sustainability has been a consideration in the past, the industry has reached a point where it is now instinctually part of the manufacturing process for many companies.