Have you heard about IKEA’s cool Klippbok? Swedish for “scrap book,” the new website and iPad app allows users to create mood boards by dragging and dropping items onto a blank page. The innovative and creative building product marketing tool allows users to mix and match different items to create the perfect room, or experiment with color swatches to find the perfect sofa. Klippbok is not only a fun way to explore IKEA’s offerings, it also enables customers to imagine what different pieces of furniture and accessories would look like in their own homes.

“Try Before You Buy” at its Best!

There’s nothing like trying a product or service before committing. Companies have used this approach for years to gain and maintain customers in highly competitive markets. Think about the impact of trying a free lotion or test driving a car at the dealership. At the very least, these free experiences pique interest. And they may lead to increased sales – a company’s main goal. Experience is everything and, although the concept of “try before you buy” is not a new one, companies are being forced to get creative in a culture where people use computers, phones and tablets experientially to connect to the world. This makes it ever more challenging to find engagement opportunities with customers, leaving companies wondering what to do next.

IKEA’s Klippbok Provides the Inspiration

Home product companies can look to IKEA for a little inspiration. Always thinking of new ways to reinvent themselves, IKEA has done a brilliant job of marketing themselves as an industry leader. The inexpensive and modern furniture they produce can be found in just about any home. From friends and family to coworkers, there’s something for everyone at IKEA. Their signature store showcases room setups meant to inspire on-the-spot buying.

Masonite & Elmira Stove Works Visualizer Websites

Other company websites with awesome, interactive online experiences for their customers include the Masonite MAX Configurator and Elmira “Create Your Dream kitchen” Visualizer. Check them out!

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