In the face of adversity, it is tempting to freeze like deer in headlights. Or worse, to panic and become entrenched, defensive and overly conservative. While no cycle is ever repeated verbatim, it is alluring to claim that we’ve seen this all before.
My agency, Kleber and Associates, was founded in 1987. You remember that year…the year of the huge stock market crash. The year before the end of the last two-term Republican president; the year with sizable concern over a growing Asian economy and pressure on the U.S. dollar. The year that was teetering on leveraged buy-out activity, run up by loose monetary policy. The year with a brutal summer stock free-fall. And then yes – the year with a sizable recovery to put us all back on track.
In 2008, our agency will be 21 years old. And as an adult, I guess it’ll be fair to say things like “when we were young, we walked to school in the snow, uphill …both ways, ” and, of course, other musings such as “when we were just starting out, we lived through the crash of 1987 and thrived through the next 20 years, despite numerous cycles of homebuilding concerns.”
So, if you’re feeling the headlights glancing around the corner, please don’t freeze. It may well be the sunlight instead, cresting over the horizon to even better times ahead.
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