In anticipation of another harsh winter season, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike are pondering ways to “winterize” their homes while also saving money. With the exception of warmer climates, most will likely see at least some snow this winter with temperatures lower than they’ve ever been. There are, however, plenty of ways to keep your home warm and energy efficient this season. One of the easiest ways to save money during winter is to use an energy efficient space heater. Today’s heaters are smart with thermostatic remote controls, meaning that they sense the ambient temperature and can heat the room accordingly. Most electrical space heaters convert close to 100% of the electricity they consume into heat, which is good for your wallet. By using a space heater to heat only the rooms where you or your family are located you can save big bucks on your heating bill.

When it comes to saving big the best thing you can do for your power bill is to install a high-tech programmable thermostat. This will ensure you’re heating both the whole house and individual rooms at the right times. Programmable thermostats can reduce electricity expenses significantly by allowing users to program an entire week’s temperature setting ahead of time so the house isn’t wasting energy when no one is home. You can even have a separate program for the weekend when more people are home.
Most homes and apartments lose heat through windows and doors. Applying window wrap to windows can reduce energy waste by keeping significantly more heat inside. This works especially well in older homes. For installation, most recommend double-sided tape and a hairdryer to get all of the wrinkles out, making the wrap almost invisible. New weather stripping for doors can often fix the problem of warping and pulling away from the doorframe. If it’s too damaged, however, a new door may be in your future (bonus: upgraded curb appeal!).
What innovations are you using to save heat and money this winter?

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