Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Marketers Look to Children’s Books for Inspiration.  Here’s the latest.

What types of marketing techniques will really help your product stand out?  A recent article, “Pat the Bunny-It Can Help Your Agency,” gives us some insight on why stepping outside of the box is a great option for marketers.  Trying to gain the attention of a child is no easy task.  Children’s book authors and illustrators have the daunting task of creating something that will keep a child’s focus for more than two minutes.  “Pat the Bunny” is a popular children’s book that allows for an interactive experience, engaging children through their sense of touch.

Similarly, Dr. Seuss used vivid imagery to attract the attention of young children.  The bright colors and unique illustrations in his books can bring excitement to any child’s face.  So what does this have to do with marketers today?  Gaining the attention of a prospective client requires more than just words on a screen.  Much like children, audiences want to see something that stimulates their senses.  Marketers want their products to be remembered.  By simply adding an image or video to an email, you create a visually appealing experience for the viewer.  Add some creativity to those emails that may otherwise be overlooked… you may even create a long lasting impression on your clients.