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Outdoor living spaces have ignited fundamental shifts in how consumers use and view their backyards. They come at the intersection of landscaping, home improvement, gardening and design. They are spaces where spilling a glass of wine is not a catastrophe and throwing a ball is not reprimanded, but encouraged.
Today’s backyards have extensive landscaping, high-performance appliances, outdoor fireplaces, pools, bars, ambient lighting and affordable all-weather furnishings – all solid reasons those in the housing industry should capitalize on the “great residential outdoors.”
Those of us marketing home products need to pay attention as more and more homeowners plan their budgets around creating outdoor havens.
Motivating factors for outdoor spaces
No longer just a grill on a cement slab with a few lawn chairs, backyards and outdoor spaces are well appointed and well designed spaces ideal for family time, entertaining and relaxation. The outdoor room is now an extension of the home, providing homeowners with increased opportunities for heightened resale value and individualized home spaces, while enhancing the emphasis on a health lifestyle.
Two main factors for homeowners to incorporate outdoor living spaces are to (1) increase their home’s resale value and (2) enhance their overall living environment and attitude.
Capitalize on homeowner investment and personalized outdoor spaces
With most Americans feeling the pinch of a tough economy, homeowners are seeking residential investments that provide more bang for their buck. This is causing many to look outside. What’s more, homeowners often equate outdoor living areas to “escape rooms” designed for relaxation and convenient entertainment.
Furthermore, an outdoor living space adds to a home’s curb appeal. If potential homebuyers don’t like what they see from the street, they may be reluctant to step out of the car.
These designated spaces also contribute to how homeowners view their personal home living environments. Homeowners are interested in showcasing their personal styles when it comes to their home’s design. The outdoor living space is an area where homeowners can have fun and design a space that fits their personalities, all the while securing a healthy return on their financial investments.
Outdoor living spaces’ principal traits
and convenience are two major features that homeowners look for when incorporating an outdoor living space. The weekend barbeque at the park or the family camping trip has turned into outdoor entertaining and family time in the comfort of the backyard.
From staycations to home cocooning to the reemergence of the pot luck dinner, the backyard has become the new “it” place in the home.
Invest in the outdoor market
Due to innovative design and product introductions, there isn’t anything homeowners can’t do outside they’ve spent years doing indoors. For home and building professionals, aligning with this trend can positively affect your business and its bottom line.